Laser attacks on aircraft.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bovvy, Nov 27, 2009.

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  1. This doesn't seem to have been mentioned before. I heard on the news just now that someone had been sentenced for an attack on an aircraft with a laser beam. Doing a Google News search, it seems this has been happening ........

    ......... in Portsmouth:

    ....... in Liverpool:

    ....... in Gloucestershire:

    ....... in Essex:

    ........ in Vancouver:

    I will have a proper read of the news reports. I'm not trying to start another outrage, but this sounds a horrendous thing to do.

    Is there any way of preventing this? or damage limitation?
  2. Yes when caught, the Miscreants should be taken up in a plane and thrown out.
  3. Not much really. The rozzers need proof to prosecute and unless its a sting operation from a known point/regular offender, its nigh on impossible to get anything useful done. Its usually from a pissed of resident who thinks he'll just discourage an aircraft flying around his house. He fails to realise the damage he could potentially do.

    I think the only realistic cure is to educate people better, for us to try and fly a little bit more neighbourly and an example to be made of at least one person to demonstrate its a serious offence and isn't taken lightly. We had a problem person a little while back. A farmer who got pissed off with us constantly night flying over his house (quite understandable but it is impossible to avoid every house in a very crowded UK). We informed the police. They couldnt do anything unless there was evidence.

    Even an Apache gun camera video isn't good enough. So the only solution was to educate. Pay him a visit (a nice PR one, not a baseball bat type of one!), show him a set of NVG and let him see what effect it has on the image and what it could do to the pilots vision. Seemed to work as he had no idea that it caused that sort of thing. Not going to work for every scroat but it may at least help a few.
  4. No,sat in a darkend room and said laser used to full effect.
  5. msr

    msr LE

  6. I was totally naive about this sort of thing happening. I'm quite shocked. (Some years back I was given one of those little ones with a red beam and knew not to point it at anyone's eyes.)

    Thank you Flasheart. That gives me some insight.

    And, according to MSR's first link, it happens a lot:

    "During 2008, there were 26 reported cases in the north west, compared with only four the previous year."

    And car drivers can be targetted.

    I see that one of the legitimate uses is for astromomers to point out constellations and stars in the night sky:

    But it wouldn't shine into a cockpit by accident, would it?

    I have no idea of how disabling or hazardous the effect might be (and wouldn't wish to find out). I rather enjoy helicopters flying over my house ....... and hope some stupid t0sser with a laser wouldn't cause one to drop through my roof.
  7. Legit astronomers wouldnt pose a problem as a very short blip of a green laser wouldnt cause an issue (cab flying along passing through a beam etc and would have to be a very good and lucky shot). Because green lasers are so readily available now, every man and dog can get hold of them and think its a good idea to shine it towards an aircraft. NVG intensify available light and if a laser is shined in to a tube, you can image the magnified light is horrendous and can cause serious injury to the inside of the eye. Permanent damage. If an aircraft is flying low and slow (which is the usual tac profile) it can be quite easy to target the cockpit. Think of a situation where an aircraft is approaching a set of high tension wires (very hard to see on NVG anyway, you only actually see the pylons) and a dazzle occurs, there is a very high probability of a catastrophe. Even if it doesnt cause the aircraft to crash, the eye ball could be permanently damaged.

    It really is a case of educating the fuckers to the harm they can potentially cause. Sure, its annoying having a helicopter fly over your house at night but its a darn sight less annoying than that aircraft spreading itself all over whatever council estate the laser has emitted from. If people dont want helicopters flying near their house, they should either phone the police direct or phone the Low Flying Complaints hot line. We take it seriously if a complaint comes in and will adjust our routes accordingly. I would like to see a national campaign on TV highlighting the issue. If it prevents an accident, it'll be worth it.
  8. So a pilot should also be scapegoated to show pilots that we aren't going to tolerate biggles up, de la up uping and down de ad down downing all over the skyline?

    After all a pilot will know (or I would like to think they do) what effect they have on the ground.
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    There is an easy, direct action remedy.

    When on holiday in Spain, Greece, Thailand or anywhere else; when one spots a family, and Mum and Dad have bought their drooling offspring laser pens to keep he little darlings amused, and they are amusing themselves by zapping buildings, hills, cars, people etc....

    Walk up and deck the tossers. Then do their kids.
  10. Or any car booty.Which seem to be rife with the cnuts :lol:
  11. What biggles like antics are you on about? Are you on about low flying in general or are you just jumping on the media bandwagon surrounding the wrecklessness demonstrated by the recent Puma/Catterick accident? If its the former, you dont know what you're on about and if its the second one, I'm glad your opinions and views are limited to an online website.

    They are 'scapegoated'. They usually dont live to tell the tale though.

    Do you suggest we ban all low flying in the UK? I'm not too sure what you are referring to with 'what effect they have on the ground'?
  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Laboons. Lots. Its the future.

  13. Couldnt we hire that feck off jumbo with the 50 megawatt laser thingy in it? That would sort the scroats out - hard to find the dole office when your blind.
  14. Great! Must get an even higher power laser! Hydrogen + Oxygen + Megawatts = :twisted:
  15. Not at all.

    First you suggest a highly sensible idea of teh various residents being brought 'on side' by neighbourly flying... then suggest 'scapegoating' a resident. Which would no doubt alienate the residents.....

    We often have a heli hovering over us, viewing the motorway. But it hovers in an area that there are no houses underneath, and on one occcaision when the etire street was illuminated by the spotlight (by mistake I assume as it was just one stroke) we receeived apologoy letters, explaining what teh heli dioes in general, and specifically on the night in question.