Discussion in 'US' started by TreatUrself, Jun 21, 2009.

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  1. Looking for any friendly connections in Las Vegas to show a couple of 2Lt's around town?
  2. Sorry, mate. The Vegas unit (1-221 Cav) is currently in Afghanistan.

    We'll be back in March, are you still going to be around?

  3. Just been pinged for a geezers "girlmong rehabilitation trip" to Las Vegas with an oppo

    His missus binned him and they were going to watch Mr Olympia or whatever the bodybuilding competition is

    Very suspect.......I digress

    Tickets booked, Accom sorted just want some hints and tips. Hunt downs and avoids

    I don't have a gambling bone in my body so casinos are a bit of a waste of time I'd have thought..

    The emperor is strong in both of us and gets turbo charged when we pull the pin. It may end up messy

    Thoughts please
  4. @thegimp

    In no particular order:

    Do The Strip (thoroughfare, not the actions) at least once. That should get that out of your system.

    LV is Murrca's Blackpool x 10 but without the sea. Thus, expect the usual lairey suspects to be on parade.

    Cop tells you to stop drinking in the street, you stop drinking. Give them more than a smidgin of lip and you will experience Clark County Jail and a guest appearance on 'Jail Time' in about 2 years time, depending on which channel is running it.

    Not a gambler? Good man. Last year, it took me 18 and 35 seconds respectively to lose $50 and $100. But it is good fun just to watch the punters, though. And the waitresses can be quite stunning and v accommodating.

    Do at least two of the shows: last year, I saw a good Penn and Teller, fr'instance.

    The ladies of the night? Not even with a Ghanaian's kok, no matter how much I disliked him.

    Gurly parties/Divorced Moms R Us etc: fill your boots.

    After Action report required within 24 hours of landing.
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  5. Went this year and my Mrs wanted to see a cirque du soleil show. Foolishly I was allowed to pick which one. Zumanity. All the acrobats are naked!

    Go shooting. We got picked up in a hummer and smashed some rounds down the range using various weapons.

    Go to the Bacchanal buffet. Over 500 items to chose from!!!! It was awesome!!!
  6. There was a whole thread on this somewhere, I do believe.

    More hookers in vegas than even eodmatt could go through, ranging from the expensive klassy harlot to the tweeker giving a $10 handjob to get their next fix of meth.

    While you are there get out to the dam just so you can say you have been, that's about all its good for.

    The Marines hosted our little group for a mega session, we drank in their bar, got schlepped off to a local non-tourist bar that the showgirls they know pop into to unwind.........nice :) . One of their blokes (pirate) feckin huge semi-body builder type does a stage show in one of the hotels so he knows the girls. Drop them a line, I can't give you a name as I am away from home at the moment. If you go take them a plaque or a beret and badge as the have a huge display wall which is managed by an ex-Royal who lives there.

    I like walking the strip in the early morning, it's different when there is no one around and good to contrast with a walk when the place is buzzing.

    Gambling: I'll PM you my address and you can just send me the money, it'll be quicker and leave you with more time in vegas. Alternatively, we played the game of pretending one of our number was a super rich bloke swanning around and we were his protective detail,....attracted some hookers, no freebies though.

    Try these:

    For classic Americana burgers go here:

    If you are into shooting, hunting, guns, outdoors then have a look here:

    You can go for a skydive in vegas. It used to be staffed by a couple of ex-red devil types.

    There are also a couple of locations to hire and fire machine guns. If you get in with the marine lads have a chat with them about that as they would probably happily oblige.

    If you hire a car the pick up location is off the airport. After you land and clear everything you follow the signs, walk outside and a coach takes everyone to the hire location where you queue for an hour then get your car. I used to use carhire3000 when my UK licence was valid and they offered good prices. I now use Hertz with a corporate discount and have their free to apply for gold member status as it puts me to the front of the queue which is well worth it.

    Bedbugs 1: Google vegas and bedbugs. Take a bin liner and when you are in the hotel room put your bag or case into it and do not leave the case on the floor. When you get your room check it through, if you are not happy go straight to reception and get it changed. I always get a spray disinfectant and a bug spray, wipe out the cdraws and shelves and spray the bug killer around.

    Bedbugs 2: Bedbugs are almost impossible to kill. Last month one of my wife's colleagues came back from a hotel based conference looking like he had suffered some massive insect bite onslaught. Had to burn the suits and clothes he took with him and because he had taken the gear into his house he had to get that fumigated.

    Other than the bedbugs, enjoy the trip.
  7. Spend a day walking around Vegas then get out. It is mental but the attraction pales very quickly.

    Get a vehicle and head for the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon. Do Route 66!

    For the best steak ever go to the Stripsteak in the Mandalay Bay (?).

    Don't buy stuff in Vegas. Go to somewhere like Henderson, or at the very least one of the malls outside town. (Nikon camera on the Strip $3400. Same camera in Henderson $2000).

    When in the bars and casinos try to lurk near some "interesting" people. You might get invited to some good parties.

    Don't eat the buffets. Eat freshly cooked food.
  8. Good advice, we only stay because it is for an expo. Saying that, the last time ours overlapped 2 days with a porno expo.

    4 hours 'ish to the Grand Canyon. Worth the trip though.

    That happens! There are gangs of wimmin everywhere on weekends, they range from dogs to top shelf bimbo's, the way they dress oft times leaves nowt to the imagination. Just put on your best James Bond voice and tell them you are a Lord or something.

    After you have watched "bubba" and his family of 6 kids who are just in front of you in the "all you can eat" buffet queue and they have fingered everything and then put it back down you very quickly lose your appetite.
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  9. @Effendi

    I only gave the buffets a miss because I read Anthony Bourdain's "Kitchen Confidential" and his (very forceful) advice was to avoid them. I have to say that some of them looked great but your point re Bubba+kin should be well taken.

    If the porn convention was on I guess it must have been January. My company had its sales conference there, immediately after the big electronics/gizmo conference and at the same time as the pornfest. There were some very interesting women around, many of whom gravity seemingly didn't apply to. Also some very good parties.

    There is a nice wooden lodge hotel at the Grand Canyon with rooms overlooking the canyon. Plenty of decent rooms in January.

    Had I known about the bedbugs I would have had an accident in my trousers. I don't do bugs but seem to have escaped them.

    My only other bit of foody advice would be go easy on the horseradish when you have beef. Mustard and wasabi seemed quite tame so I assumed the horseradish would be. It nearly lifted the skin off my mouth.
  10. Quote myself

    In case anyone wonders; the above is actually true. He did burn his gear and he did have his house fumigated. He claimed it all back off the bank as it was a divisional conference which he had to attend.

    We went as a family one January and stayed at the big hotel just outside the canyon entrance. The place was nearly deserted.

    I spoke to one of the Park Ranger types and he told me that most winters they get a good few feet of snow so the tourist trade drops off. The benefit to some is that it is easier to get a permit to go down and camp overnight on the canyon floor. You have to apply well in advancefor the warm months and it can be a bit of a lottery for some dates, according to the Ranger bloke.
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  11. I'm in Vegas twice a year and have never had a bedbug yet?

    Which bedbug havens are you lot staying in???
  12. That's what you get for staying at Days Inn, after Mr and Mrs Poindexter from Buttfuck, Arkansas have moved on.
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  13. I'm usually at the Venetian, Bellagio or Paris. Can honestly say the worst I've suffered is a wait for a drink in the casino.
  14. Venetian or thereabouts ordinarily. However, one year clever mate says, "lets stay at the hotel they filmed Oceans 11 in, I can get a deal". OK, says we, all thinking the Bellagio. Wrong! The kn0b meant the bleeding Riviera where they filmed the original one with Sinatra and Dean Martin..........what a pit. He was lucky we didn't bury him in the desert.
  15. Vdara - the best and best priced.