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Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by KNAGGSY, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. hi just got back form vegas Baby !!!!

    just been to new york, las vegas and sanfrancisco and i needed to pay for stuff using my visa card so i also had to show photo id

    as my MOD90 is easier to carry than my passport i showed it every time and was able to benefit for all kinds of disount from cheaper all you can eat buffets and attractions the best one was in the new york new york casino where i got 2 for one on the roller coaster ride

    had a great time

    if you go to the USA take you MOD 90 adn show it as id and benefit from every thing you can

  2. Was in Vegas this time last year and had the opposite experience(ish); initially we got turned down for 'Armed Forces' discount as we weren't US Army but after we pointed out that we were 'fighting in the same war' we got 50% off. Tried it with the door staff at a club and got sweet FA! Shops etc were on the whole good and gave between 10-20% discount.

    Outside of Vegas - just booked a hotel in Miami (the Biltmore) that offered us their Government rate straight away - 50% discount on a $300 room! Trying to get free tickets to watch the Miami Dolphins at the moment!
  3. We go on holiday to Vegas every year and have done for the last 4, you will get discount on virtually everything from the Shark pool at Mandalay to the Roller Coaster at NYNY and the rides at the top of the stratosphere as well as many shows - although I've yet to get a discount at MGM despite showing our id cards to see Tom Jones twice and Aretha Franklin there. Most hotels will also offer discounts if you travel independently and book direct but it's still cheaper to get a fly and stay package. Some place will offer a military discount others offer a Las Vegas resident discount...... sometimes showing your id isn't enough you have to ask. Last time we went we met up with some New York cops, they got huge discounts and often let in free! Being with them we seemed to share the love and our discounts increased, there doesn't seem to be any fixed policy more a discretionary discount, I've found a couple of places like the Bellagio and Luxor are a bit schizophrenic with their discounts! Move across the country to San Francisco and discounts for military id are brilliant - probably a result of the large naval population in the area.
  4. Does anyone know about finding cheaper accomodation in Toronto. Are there any equivalnets to the Union Jack club we can use ?