Larkhill Phase 2 t-shirts under MTP

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by October Gunner, Feb 13, 2012.

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  1. I'm about to start phase 2 at Larkhill and was wondering if anybody knows whether we need to wear the brown issued pt tshirts under our combat shirts or if we can wear other tshirts in olive green/brown etc? Obviously not any old colour.
  2. Just put on any colour you want and a very helpful and friendly member of the Training Team will advise you accordingly.

    In phase two you get marks for artistic merit so don't be shy. A fetching shade of Lilac always goes down well.

    Seriously, do you really need to come on here when you are already in the system - did you have no one to ask or have you already been told but have forgotten?
  3. Yeah, should have known not to bother to ask on here, I'll just wear my pink spice girls tshirt and see how it goes. Cheers easy.
  4. Clearly, the whole sphere of recruiting and training has to be thankful for the work of Tim Berners-Lee, for without his outstanding effort and determination, hundreds of young men and women would be left stumbling around trying to find advice on such subjects as 'Which tee-shirt goes best with black boots?', and 'Will I be allowed to take my own tent?'

    Thanks, Tim.