Larkhill Day 1965, newsreel.

Very cool, didn't realise that the pedigree of Artillery U.A.V's went back so far.
The scout insertion looked good fun, I wonder if the AAC would let me try it off the skid of Lynx.
'66 was my first Larkhill Day, I was still in basic, they shipped a couple of coachloads of us down from Oswestry. It just so happened that it coincided with the World cup final so for most of us the afternoon was spent in the coaches with the radio on.
My first was 1968.. they were still doing the glider demo.. the pilot did a low pass at full chat across the face of the crowd.. very impressive.
Kit then was so much more impressive then, probably because it was substantial and BIG. Yes I know that the stuff now is probably more efficient and packs more of a punch, but don't tell me that it's in any way butch.

They've definitely feminised kit.
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