Larkhill Clay Target Shooting Club - Sunday 26th Oct

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by LEFTY478, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. Any more sporting Arrser fancy a day on the clay, this coming Sunday?
  2. Count me in :)
  3. mediumwhiteamericano has confirmed his place in our Battery of Arrse Gunners’. Ooh Err! Misses!
  4. Steady! You'll have me down as fancying your mother next FFS!
  5. BUMP!

    Anymore clay busters out there?
  6. normally I would have loved it, as I live down there at weekends, apart from this weekend, which doesn't help, as I am going to be up in London with my daughter for half term..

    Bugger. BTW, what do you know of the rifle club in Tidworth? The landlord of a boozer on the wilts/hants border, who is a pal, and who I normaly do clays with, has reccommended it to me.
  7. Sorry, I can't help. My last stint at the School was in '92. Now days I am only an occasional visitor. You could post a thread in the Shooting Sports forum, though.
  8. London

    Have you seen this thread >linky< Re a shoot at ATR Pirbright in November?

    Basic details:
    PM JoseyWales for more G2.
  9. Thanks, don't worry, I did.

    My particular interest is to buy a 303, which is what I used to shoot on the CCF, prior to becoming a demon shot with various slr's, because I found them easy in comparison.

    The chums on arrse, not to be confused with bum chums of course, gave me some very good pointers about how to buy one, get a license etc, and so on.

    My pal knows some chaps on the Tidworth thing, and I'm told there are loads of blokes who do the whole Lee Enfield thing.

    I do love doing clays though, its so different, and so very satisfying when you're "on".

    My favourite EVER clay shoot was on a bit of farming land just inside the M25, just north of the M40 junction, where we had 20 bores (ideal for clays) lots of various 12s, including self-loading, side by sides etc, other than the usual over and under.

    It is fantastic fun, and I'm sorry I can't join you, as this is one of only four or five weekends p.a. that I am not in the Salisbury Plain area.
  10. A simple "I can't make it" would've sufficed ;)
  11. Clockerty-Clock Changetastic!

    A quick reminder to those that are attending tomorrow's gig: all timings are GMT :wink: