Larkhill Clay Target shooting Club - Dates in December

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by LEFTY478, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. Anyone for a spot of festive clay busting?
  2. 14th would be good for me - just back from Africa!
  3. In a word: Yes. They also tend to record 'Hits' rather than 'kills' now too - but that's for another thread, I'm having a 'nice' day and don't want to spoil it.

    MWA, roger that. By e-mail too, but you beat me to it...
  4. Bumperty-Bump!

    Larkhill Clay Shoot 14th December - Anyone else up for a 'day on the clay'?
  5. If you know any dates for the New Year, I'd be interested in having a go as I'm starting work in the Wilts area wef Jan 09......
  6. Nothing published yet; but when they are, they'll be found >>here<<

    The Club's site and contact details can be found >>here<<
  7. Lefty,
    Thanks for that; I'll make further enquiries when I get down there.
  8. ARRSErs so far on for this meet, are:


    Infiltrator is doubtful, but remains hopeful.

    Plus one or two others who are yet to reply to PMs.
  9. Bump!

    It's getting close now...

    RV at Larkhill Clay Shooting Club at 11:00

    Plently of paracetamol at the ready; it is the morning after the ARRSE London Xmas Lash-Up after all! So have your excuses prepared.
  10. Will attend both days, cheers for the info.
  11. CMB,

    We've planned to do the 14th; some may do the 28th too, but I don't know who?

    As the 14th is the morning after the ARRSE Xmas Lash-up*, I propose an 11:00hrs RV at the ground for pre-shoot coffee/bacon rolls/paracetamol etc.

    So far we have:


    The top four names will all have monster hangovers, so you two at the bottom should have a major advantage!
  12. Lefty,

    I am there for the 14th but can't make the 13th bash. Having just got back from sunny places the missus was less than impressed when I told her I was planning on being out for the entire weekend on official ARRSE business.

    Two things that scare me; spiders and an angry wife!

    See you on Sunday!
  13. You Poof!

    Oh how Mrs Lefty laughed when I confirmed works do tomorrow (with over-night stop out), ARRSe Lash-up Saturday (with over-night at Smudge's) and straight to Larkers on Sunday morning!

    You're just hoping to take advantage of our mash'dness...
  14. You're overnighting at Smudges gaf? So, we'll be looking at a picture of him hanging out the back of you on his mobile? Fking brave of you to be anywhere near him when he's mashed!

    And yes, if I can't beat you when you're half cut then I need to take a bl00dy good look at myself in the mirror!
  15. see youaall onSunday

    I have a boring Regimental Committe meeting on Friday, which will be followed by copious ammounts of stout and bBlack Bush, and will travel to Wilts to the tribal RHQ on the saturday, so yes, I'll be nice and fresh again by Sunday.

    Word to the wise...careful driving down on Sunday. They are brethalyzing people in the mornings, I almost got done a couple of years ago, it just doesn't cross your mind, and I was only just under the limit, half an hour ealier, according to the fuzz, and they'd have been arresting me.