Larkhill Accomodation

hey guys, couldn't fidn anything about the accomodation in larkhill as i'm going there for phase 2 and i'm wondering if i have a single on-suite room or sharing? cheers!
ok nice, and as UAV op 32 regiment i think i'm going to be based there so if i am then will i go to smaller accomodation? on my own or sharin with one person? :)
Im hoping to join as UAV op too!! You passed selection?? Ive got mines on the 30th. Your asking all the questions i want to know......
If and when you get to 32 regt you'll still be sharing rooms. I've got full screws that share 4 man rooms so there is no chance of any privacy. But then if your all about privacy the army probably isn't the best bet for you.
Most of the rooms at Larkatraz when i was there were 4 man rooms (Although there were a few 8 man). I was lucky and was in a room separated into 4 mini bits so you got a bit of privacy. Although I think only one block was like that (And only on the top 2 floors lol)
It all depends on when your due at 32 Regt. If you go there now its a building site and you will be sharing. They have knocked down half the accom to build SLAM and when its finished they'll knock down the other half. It might take a some time though, I've been told the whole project will take around 24 months but when its done you should be getting your own room eventually. But all is not good, with all things new and shiny in the Army you can expect regular room inspections. But since you have to pack up your room and move out every time you go on tour that shouldn't be much of an issue.
Jameson, just jumped on this thread having seen Larkers in the title. I was at Roberts Barracks with 94 and then 32. Have the old red brick blocks near the cookhouse been knocked down?
I have plenty of memories of the old place, can't believe it's being rebuilt. Progress I guess.
If you look at the cook house all the buildings to the right have gone. all the buildings to the right of the corporals' mess are about to go and the old training wing has gone. all to make room for the new blocks. Then the remaining will be knocked down including the two sides of the Sgts' & wos' mess which will be enlarged.

Has anyone noticed someone has spelt accommodation wrong in the title of the thread. nothing like stereotyping artillery.
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