Larger TAMs

Can anyone tell me where I can purchase the larger case for the Tactical Aide Memoire? The academy shop is a riiiiiip off

Try the "Camp Shop" at Sennybridge. The owner Bob Macready is a top man and will not rip you off. He stocks a massive amount of kit and has a web site.


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Any chance of an Url? Had a quick google but got either tents or woofters!


Good God you pathetic nobbers. How the fcuk did you pass RCB???? 8O

The Camp Shop
Sennybridge, Brecon, Powys LD3 8PL
Tel: 01874 638145
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Pick up the phone and talk to the fcuker!! All this internet pish is killing society :roll: :roll: :roll:


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There ya go devilish! Oh I kill myself - I really really do!:twisted:

Afraid there is no fruit based equivalent to Adj... :oops:

My sides are splitting! They really are! :p
hm supplies were the cheapest, for the first time in history no doubt. ONly £6!
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