Large Welly Boots & Spurs

Discussion in 'Officers' started by lordmonty, Feb 10, 2007.

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  1. Which regiments wear the large welly boots with spurs or do all regiments wear the spurs but with different boots?
  2. That's HCR you're talking about but they're not called welly boots. Real Wellington boots are only up to calf length and are worn by cavalry, artillery and some corps. A smaller ankle boot is preferable, it's called a George Boot.
  3. Boots, George, Ankle

    God I'm filling up with emotion. You could buy them from Moss Bross and other associated thieving Regimental Tailors but the clever trick (Unofficer-like behaviour) was to get somebody at Sandbags to go diffy and then pay them for said Boots.

  4. I got them issued. I'm actually looking at the box they came in - I keep old photos in it.

    CD 8430-99-975-2646 BOOTS ANKLE OFFICERS (GEORGE)
    Contractors name: Sanders & Sanders Limited.
  5. My God! I am drinking Herzegovinan Vranac Red Wine so "Sheveali". Where have all the years gone? :thumright:
  6. LOL - it's a sign of getting older mate.
  7. GDAV i thought you were a tankie [33a] not a bands man :thumright:
  8. Keep it to yourself mate ;)
  9. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Bringing up the issue of Spurs, there has been a new video release from OBL to prove he is still alive. Apparently he is seen discussing yesterdays football, saying that Tottenham have again lost a match.

    However the security services have discounted the video saying it could have been made anytime during the last 25 years...
  10. I bought a pair from the QM - they are not as good quality as the Moss Bros ones I bought years ago - I had to have them stripped and reassembled by a cobbler because the uppers were coming away from the welts. They appeared to be held together with staples.

    I never bothered with Wellingtons, but I know the LI used to wear them. Also, a lot of RN Observers I knew wore them with blue every day, but I think they had them made cheap by the HK tailors on the big ship.

    You need to specify whether you want boxes for spurs when you buy them.
  11. We used to wear Mess Wellingtons. Spurs were worn by the Adjutant and all those of Field Rank - I assume (and rather hope) that nothing's changed there. George Boots were only worn with Blues, or by members of the Sergeants' Mess with their mess dress.

    However smart they were, they were an complete pain if one 'got lucky' or got so pissed one couldn't get them off single handed - I remain convinced to this day that the reason officers marry is to have someone on the end of the bed to help pull the bloody things off! Many happy memories of hopping around on two legs, ankles held tightly together by mess overalls, trying to administer a dose of people-paste to a (usually) willing recipient with her arse in the air or somesuch, unable as I was, to extract feet from boots!
  12. I dressed on of my ex-girlies in my Blues Jacket, French Webbing (night fighting syle - black camo string!) and my Mess Wellies/Spurs. :thumright: It wouldn't have been the same with George Boots now would it?

    Oh Happy Days

  13. Funny.

    But sadly true :cry:

    Depressed of WHL
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  15. CM

    Somehow I expected a comment from you. I presume that is a very large COULD for Rams promotion potential.