Large Quantity of Weapons Stolen in Robbery at DK Barracks

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jan 6, 2009.

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  1. A large number of weapons were stolen during an armed robbery at Antvorskov barracks in Denmark at the weekend.

    Three robbers forced their way into the guardroom a little after three in the morning on Sunday and threatened the sole member of the three person guard team who was awake with a sawn off shotgun, before forcing him to give up keys and alarm codes to the weapons storage areas. The three guards were then restrained with gaffa tape.

    Both the Police and the Danish MOD have been reluctant to say exactly how many weapons were stolen, but according to the press it was around 200 including M95 rifles (C7's) M96 carbines (C8's) and pistols (probably SIG P210's).

    A large part of Antorskov Kaserne (home of the Garderhusarregiment) is open to the public, so the criminals could drive to the centrally located guardroom, and the weapons storage area without being stopped. To make matters even easier for the robbers, all the guards' weapons had to be locked in a secure cabinet inside the guardroom, making it impossible for the guard to reach his weapon when the robbers entered.

    The robbers may have been driving a German registered black metallic Audi A6 S-line estate car, and the three robbers spoke English among themselves.

    Speculation is rife as to what the weapons were stolen for (terrorism/organised crime/etc.......)

    So if anyone offers you a cheap Canadian M16, you know where it came from!
  2. And only 250 miles from Hohne! :(
  3. Shooters for sale! Shooters for sale! Anyone want to buy some shooters?! :threaten:
  4. Okay... it's one thing to have unarmed gaurds for things like greeting visitors at the unit museum but for the men who are supposed to be securing weapons to be unarmed is asinine. Guess we can rule out AQ though... they would have just killed the gaurds rather than restraining them after getting access.
  5. There's only so many weapons you can fit into a Beamer, thank God.
    2/3 of the "guardpersons" were asleep when the raiders called.
    The Danish Inspector believes that it was possibly a "criminal gang" involved. Rather than some high spirited boy scouts or angry trainee vicars perhaps.

    Maybe some of the blokes are fed up waiting for a proper rifle to replace the SA80?
  6. My money's on there being a huge Outlaws/HA firefight in downtown Copehagen in the next few weeks...any takers?
  7. Now, now... the fellows who have been waiting the longest are certainly senior staff by now. Hmm... that's a disturbing thought. Just like the fact that a certain full bird that I remember as a cherry 2LT bitching about the direct gas impingement of the M16 series apparently thinks the design is fine now that he doesn't carry one. :x Funny how disassociation from the guys on the ground changes perceptions eh?
  8. At least your rifle has been bought by people all around the world. And not rejected by Africans.
    I would be cynical enough to say that the higher up the chain you go, the more open to offers of "directorships" you become. Cnuts.

    I heard a rumour that certain folks were modifying their black rifles with civilian aquired gas piston rods.
  9. Were they trained by the IBA? :twisted:
  10. [quote="Werewolf"

    Were they trained by the IBA? :twisted:[/quote]

    Wassat Werewolf? International Bluffers Anonymous?
  11. I am most concerned that there is a seriously overloaded car driving about on a Danish motorway. If it goes too fast it could crash and potentially hurt someone.
  12. Seeing the way they drive there, id say thats why they have the guns.
  13. Dinnae Fret MP.
    They won't have any ammunition til they manage to overpower the guard hamsters and outwit the killer dinnerladies.
  14. surely the governments response to such a heinous crime should be to ban legally held civilian weapons?

    (at least that's what would happen here!)