Large Feet, Civvy Footwear Help Needed

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by purple_foot, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. I have size 16(UK) feet, & would previously buy my civvy footwear from the High & Mighty shop. They would only have a limited range in size 16, so my options were limited to begin with, but they have since discontinued the range that I would use, & now seem intent on only selling footwear up to size 14, which leaves me somewhat b0llocksed!

    I have looked at online UK specialists, but once again my options are severely limited by their lack of range. I did look at a couple of US sites, but in true Septic fashion, they seem intent on extorting as much money as possible, & there is also the problem of trying to convert from UK to US sizes.

    Would anyone on here be able to point me in the right direction for any large shoe specialists, online or even normal retail outlets. Any help will be greatly appreciated as my feet are fecking killing me!
  2. Where are you? Places like the Vans outlet at Bicester Village seem to do the odd mahoosive size - Nike outlets do too.

    Have a peek through - they have recommended retailers sections on the site - with links.

    The prices are not that bad out there - you have to accept that you are not in the mainstream.
  3. I'm actually in Northern Ireland, so obviously my choices are going to be even more limited! :lol:

    Thanks for the link though, I think it will prove to be more than useful.

  4. Just thank your lucky stars you don't have problems getting shoes for the below.

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  5. Ritchie - you have no idea just how funny that link and picture is. Thanks for the great laugh you've given us.
  6. I have mere size 12 feet and I hate buying shoes. These days I just go in the shop, find the prettiest shop girl and ask her to get everything she has in size 12 out and I'll try what i like the look of!
  7. When I joined up, we had a guy at depot that had to get his boots specially made, he had to wear trainers for the first couple of months until his boots finally arrived. Then he promptly he jacked it in.....perhaps he only joined for the free footwear.
  8. My ex is very tall, gets some of his gear from Osbornes, based in Devon. Online/catalogue. Excellent service too... not outrageous prices either.