Large EOD find

I'm sure it will have been carnage (for compensation claims), especially as 'you can do so without the need to provide evidence'.
Where does one apply for one's compensation?
Thanks in advance,
George Agdgdgwngo


It’s difficult to tell from the photo, but if I really had to take a guess then id say a German SC 250 or 500. Diameter will tell better (foot - 250, foot ’n a ‘alf - 500, 2fer - 1000)

Of course once the job had been completed it would be declared as a 6in Naval shell.

"Eight feet long and 27 inches in diameter", apparently.


Where does one apply for one's compensation?
Thanks in advance,
George Agdgdgwngo

Germany? You might get a years supply of Apple Strudel and Schnapps. or some pictures of the Chancellor in her nude modelling days. Are you feeling lucky?

It's not compo. It's a get out of jail free card for late assignments

Which the University will look at with very cynical eyes. Unable to do the last ten percent - fair enough. Unable to do the last nighty percent - nil marks for you matey.
Disappointingly it appears the explosion has created a bit of a mess and some inconvenience to the locals.

It’s reported the bomb was contained in a ‘400 tonne box of sand‘ and the video shows quite clearly sandbags being launched, but also quite a bit of hard debris (sounded like stones to me).

@HE117, @rickshaw-major and anyone involved in EOD. Whilst the teams on the ground did an excellent job, they will always face the difficulties of not being able to pick the ideal location, ground, weather and a number of other factors that ideally we would do to make explosive demolitions as safe as possible and as such there will be the inevitable collateral damage as reported on and seen in the video.

What could we do better? Especially in terms of mitigation, water tamping? Foam?

I wondered if Hesco bastion could be produced using none metallic frames in order to build a traverse?
Most of it went up rather than sideways. I'll have words with any of the DEMS bods if I come across them.

It’s difficult to put a decent roof on things. :grin:

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