Large EOD find

Watching some bloke on youtube that explores abandoned mine shafts in the far north of Canada and he regularly comes across boxes of Dynamite, dets and fuse just lying aboot.

Sorry for plucking out an old post, happens all the time, Even here in the UK
Anything from the odd stick to cases full. Usually very old and sometimes very sweaty.

Usually so far out of the way underground its not really a danger to anybody. Most people who get that far in to abandoned mines are pretty aware of what not to touch. In the majority of cases I would imagine it so old as to be reasonably harmless.

Detonators are often in little tins about the size of a fag packet and were probably mislaid, often in places not used for 40 or 50 years. I've come across sticks in mines disused for over a century before now
In one place I found an entire face that had been charged over 30 years before and never set off, was in a bone dry heading and it was like going in when the shift had just finished
Another place there was a wooden barrel of black powder that was rotting away, looked like the powder was seperating down to its component ingredients naturally over time.


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