Large camper van with water entering roof skylight - help.

Having twice forgotton to remove my aeriel when reversing into my garage I developed a significant leak around the base. Too stingy to get a dealer to sort it, I fed silicone sealant into the gap. Can’t be seen and has been watertight for a year now.
Haven't read every response - try to see if it were made in the UK?

Accidentally turned one of mine into a mobile planetarium on a car park height barrier. Insurance wanted to write it off for 50p or something. A bit of internet to track down the original maker, only 60miles away, and a £1,000 idiot tax to them over a long weekend, came back good as new. The materials aren't that dear, knowledge is, and glue takes time. Sold it for the going rate later that year, which made me break even in terms of cost, idiot tax and fun.
FOC - sell it and make it someone elses problem.
I have already, yesterday. After the buyer spent a good 2 hours viewing and driving the beast , he paid me a 1000 euro deposit. He and his family left , I parked it up , and the skys fell. Water was pissing in. Taking apart the sky light saw the problem. Not being a total twat i want to fix it for him .

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