Large camper van with water entering roof skylight - help.

Not "Turn it upside-down in the sun for a bit..."?
You could try shaking it as well. as has been noted, once water gets into the fabric of a motor home all that you'll do on your own is prolong the problem. The structure needs to be taken apart, then either dried out or replaced. It's drastic but the only sensible alternative is scrapping the thing 'cos you'll never get the water out. Sorry!


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Try to get it under cover and set a dehumidifier going, that will dry it out, then try Sikaflex for the seal, this stuff sticks like s#*T to a blanket and is permanent so try to get it right first time. Best of luck with it.

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Have you suffered any damage to the roof, ie a tile or a branch hitting it in the high winds, or clouted something when driving ?
maybe you could hire an alloy tower and examine the joints along the roof and check the seams and rain gullies
People are talking a lot if bollocks here - if it’s started leaking and it wasn’t before then obviously it’s fixable- and water evaporates so will disappear once you’ve stopped the leak

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