Large Breasted Women ?

Right, now we have your attention ..... please help us raise some more money for Help for Heroes and win yourself a new Mazda 6 or Mazda MX5

Each ticket costs £5 or €5 and proceeds go to Maj Phil Packer's "Phil's Million" appeal to support Help for Heroes.

You can enter as many times as you like and you can always sell the car if you don't drive, or you just don't want it.

Come on boys... get behind the raffle and help the lads, and lasses, at H4H at the same time

Contact Griffin Tax Free and they'll send you an entry form

E-mail them at

Many thanks, and remember someone's got to win !!
Can you authenticate this?

Griffin are giving a new Mazda away with the backing of Mazda UK, Phill Packer and H4H

Advert has been in the Sixth Sense for a few weeks now.
So....I can pay £5....or 5 euro for a ticket?? With the exchange rates now you can buy 4 tickets in euros to 1 for £5. I know it's all for charity, but if you wanna win?!?!?!

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