large amount of backpay and level increases.....worried?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by P2KFOW, Nov 6, 2006.

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  1. You are possible affected as one of the group of 428 RE, RA, RSigs and REME personnel that received backpay and level increses from a career course that involved a change of EQ and Promotion on the same date. Have a look at this thread on the REME forum:

    Pay 2000 Follow On Work
  2. For Sigs this isnt so much as 'large amount of backpay and level increases' its which level will I revert to and will I have to pay back the difference

    There are 3 courses this affected (you will know who you are) and if you haven't had a heads-up through the CoC have a read of the Reems thread all the info is there :(
  3. The 3 courses mentioned in the letter are quoted as the known courses. I know of at least 1 other.

    The crux of it is - if you were promoted first, then appointed to your supervisory role it meant a jump from Higher Range Sgt, accross to Lower Range Staffy and then once the appointment was published a move level to level from Lower Range Staffy across to Higher Range Staffy. Sounds complicated and is a little. Suffice to say that some people have made over a tenner a day and HM Inc want the cash back and to adjust pay accordingly.

    This shouldnt affect Substantive SSgt, or anyone who went from Higher Range Sgt straight to Level 1 or 2 Higher range SSgt on their course. If you skipped the light fandango accross the ranges when you finished your Yeomans/Foremans/Supvr IS or Supvr Radio course, keep an eye out in the mail for a letter from AFPPA!
  4. There were a couple of benefits of being a SSgt before the course started then!! Not many but a few - £14 a day to e exact :p
  5. I remember the arguments in the mess on a Fri beer call, some proper chuntering going on, mostly at the guys who got promoted right before the course started.

    It is stupid that as high band Sgts we move to low band SSgt, that is the crux of this problem.
  6. Never a truer word was said timebandit. It does introduce disparity amongst peers from a pay point of view. Why one person qualifying is worth 2% and another 12% is barking, but its the pay system we've ended up with and as long as SSgt is lower range, its going to happen on supervisory appointment.

    Fair play i say, and it may well be advisable to get you staffy up before attending supervisory selection. Your earnings over time will be substantially higher than a Sgt gaining the qualification on the same day.
  7. Until they introduce Supervisory pay this is the only incentive to going the supervisory route, otherwise as an Infanteer said to me "You choose your branch you take your chance"
  8. A tiffy at my place just got his letter ...he ows £4800 ....expecting mine soon. Took the money in good faith only now to be told ill have to pay it back possibly. They can take 3 days pay i believe in a one go per mnth. It will take me over a yr to pay back. They can hoop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I had heard a rumour that letter shad been despatched. Interesting to see what happens!

  10. My tiffy pal is in last 4 yrs of service what a way to bow out ...repaying debt cos of someones cock up. there were guys on my supervisor cse in last 3yrs ... will have repurcussions to their pensions?????
  11. If your still on AFPS 75, i believe pension is based on representative pay at rank and length of service. Theoretically pension shouldnt be affected. More than willing to be corrected on that one.

    Whilst i believe that they can and will adjust pay to correct levels, i'm not sure paying back the money incorrectly paid is either fair or right. Whoever has been overpaid was drawing a wage that they believed to be correct and entitled to. We're talking about some huge sums of money here, and at the default repayment rate of 4 days gross a month it means somewhere around 400 quid out of your take home. That could have huge repercussions, especially to someone in financial difficulty or paying a mortgage (which they may well have taken out based on earnings they believed to be correct).

    But as Timebandit suggested in a post above. Being a SSgt prior to your supervisory course is definately the way to go.
  12. Good to know pay 2000 is still having glitches ironed out 5 years down the road.

    Can't wait for the Battle Royale between JPA and Pay 2000!!!!
  13. v good friend of mine just got his letter.....he's been told he needs to pay back just over £9000. I'm lucky enough to be one of the people on a course who were told that we would not do the whole high-low-high thing. At the time I felt a little aggrieved, but I'm counting my blessings now :roll:
  14. Why oh why can't HMG write it off as it was all done in good faith??
  15. I appealed years ago on an overpayment and won. Basically you can appeal if you received it in good faith and it was clearly not your fault. If for example, you were not paying MQ charges for two years well the system will say that you should have spotted it, but in this case, as it is so complicated I would appeal. the pay bods should know where to look, I would guess MAPD or PAM.

    If this did not work I would go to an employment solicitor if they wanted a large amount of dosh.

    This link is interesting for anybody who gets overpaid: