Large ALICE Pack

Currently looking at buying a large ALICE Pack, does anyone else use one and if so, what is your opinion on it?


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I have one stashed away somewhere if you are interested. It may take a day or two to find it though. I found it very comfortable and rugged.


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It's about the same size as the old Para bergan but nowhere near as robust.

I know Dragon in Colly do a modified DPM version of the Para bergan but it's not cheap, alternatively pick up an old one from ebay & get side pouch zips mounted.
i've used both ALICE and para bergan. Great in hot climates as it keeps the back of the bergan of your back and allows it to breath. True ALICE is not as robust as the material is not as thick as PLCE but good for light loads.
Cheers fella's, Found a decent 'near new' Alice Pack for 40 quid!
Hopefully it'll be an improvement over my PLCE bergan, it destroyed my back in the J, I currently look as though i've been subjected to 20 Lashes! :D
A bit smaller but the ALICE medium is a very good patrol sack, you dont need the frame. very cheap and easy to find they are better than a lot of daysacks people are using.

I recently got one of the new BOWMAN radio sacks made by Karrimoor. The back system is the dogs, it carries loads of kit, or not too much, depending on your having the extension pannels zipped open or closed. It also takes PLCE side pouches.

Where the sack part detaches from the back pannel I had the poppers soldered closed and the gaps sealed by having the stitched. The back/Radio board is now covered with velcro so the mesh bags from a medic bag can be attached and the whole pack still zipps open when I need it to.

Velcro fastening on the lid pocket as well as the clips keeps items secure and the lid is now perminently attached to the body of the sack rather than clipped on.

All in all probably the best sack I have ever owned, certainly the most comfortable (the mesh back system is great) fiver for the bag and a little time and effort. Capacity ranges from 40 to 70 litres.

If you find one give it a go.

the alice large pack with frame is the best bergan for jungle ops, try to get the kiwi version which is updated or get an old one into jay jays in brecon for tailoring. ally as f**k.!
Gonna get it modified but taking it to Jay Jays isn't an option (too far away)
So i have opted to take it to HM's down the Shot.
What modifications do most get done to their packs? Ive got a fair idea of what i want, Fastex Clips, Zip Pouch on lid, Basha Pouch above the 3 extrior pouches.
Anymore for anymore?


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I'm assuming, possibly erroneously that you'll be using this in the jungle, and some of the recommendations below are based on that premise. If I'm wrong please tell me to wind my neck in.

- Personally I'd replace the three small pouches with some of a more useful size.

- Possibly extend the lid so that it covers more of the front of the bergan, (especially if you've changed the pouches,) it makes movement in thick bush easier as the flora doesn't get caught on external straps & pouches.

- Spindrift collars (shrouds) on the all six external pouches ensure the contents don't get thrown about the ulu like a mad woman's shit.

- Reference the basha pouch, I'd have it mounted below the three larger pouches to facilitate easy access to them. Also it would ensure the bergan doesn't fall over when you put it on the deck.

- Assuming you'll be using hexi, Troopers often put an external pouch on their waterbottle pouches for the burner and fuel. It keeps the kak & smell away from other kit, & as in the jungle hexi often starts to leach into other items, keeping it seperate isn't a bad idea.

- If you're carrying ropes for crossings you might like to have some doubled straps for a rope bag or even another pouch.

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