Lard Prescott's Latest Pearls of Wisdom

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Democritus, Aug 18, 2013.

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  1. Two Shags has raised his ugly head again to give Red Ed the benefit of his sagacity, urging him to sack underperformers on the Labour front bench (plenty to choose from, right enough):

    BBC News - Prescott: Labour 'has failed to get its case across'

    Well, the fat, useless git could certainly 'perform' himself, though not quite in the best traditions of an MP. Ironically, he's correct this time in much of what he says, though the one member of the Shadow Cabinet that Labour most needs to bin before 2015 is, of course, one E Miliband (closely followed by E Balls). But ... are there hitherto unsuspected depths of subtlety in the wit of the noble lord?

    "So my message to Ed is this - you're our Alex Ferguson."

    And he's retired!
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  2. Things can only get better when things get worse for the two Ed's.
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  3. Always fancied Alan Johnsone to lead the Labour party. Ex Postman to Home Secretary albeit via the Trade Union route which is not all bad.

    He had the sort of domestic values that one could warm too.
  4. prescott.jpg I don't think I need to insert a comment.
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  5. My Bold

    He certainly comes across as a genuine guy on TV ... for what that is worth but you could well be right .

    .... but Oh Prescott … Prescott … the sage of the Labour Party ... where to begin .. Office gymnastics … Devolution for the North , the look on his face when he was beaten by an inflatable white elephant … Regionalised fire control centres , still unused and IIRC bought using PFI so we are still paying for them and their unused contents .. a penchant for fisticuffs with the electorate ... Croquet buff ...only accepting elevation to the House of Lords because he really owed it to his long suffering wife … failed in the election to become a Police and Crime Commissioner …. Miliband really needs to take the sound advice of a man with such a well proven track record .
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  6. This man is a fukin Oaf !!!!!!! or is the word i am looking for ******** or maybe even knob ?
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  7. Alan Johnson is a backstabbing **** he was my union rep when I was a postie

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  8. Cut to the chase man..... Prize Pillock were the words you were looking for.....

    Who remembers that ITV drama where they re-enacted the role of him shagging his secretary..... I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall of Prescott Towers in Hull when that went out...

    Then there was the time when he did a speaking tour for cruise passengers on the cunard line and they all complianed because he was a boring batsrad....

    Used to love it when he used to get up and speak in the Commons and you could overhear the Tory MP's shouting 'Get us a Gin and Tonic Steward'.......

    All in all Prescott is great entertainment value.
  9. Since he is a politician he has more than a 99% chance of lacking that most important quality, integrity.
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  10. The only honest thing hes done that I respect him for, slap an egg in most blokes face and you would get the same reaction.

    Though I would have followed the jab with a boot to the bollox.
  11. Well if I was looking for failing members of the shadow cabinet I'd have to start with Milliband he's absolutely hopeless and they all know it. One Notion Labor is just running after the Tories imitating any policy that polls well. Ed's only got 22% of the public with any confidence in his leadership whereas Dave has 28% even with the handicap of actually having to lead.
  12. Chimp?

    No, unfair on Chimps. They can articulate better.
  13. You've got him wrong. By all accounts he was a pretty decent drinks waiter on the cruise ships.

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  14. Did anyone pick up the term battle bus in the article? I wonder if labour have trawelled through here looking for sound bites and the use of "media grid" is ****ing cringeworthy as well he should shuffle off into obscurity like the rest of Blair's buffons
  15. Prescott is a thoroughly detestable piece of excrement.
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