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Ladies and Gentlemen of ARRSE.

Some of you "know" me, some know me and some have no idea so I'll try and explain a bit of what I'm intending to do and how I came to make the decision.

My intention is to walk 9.48 miles from a marine lake on one side of the Wirral to a marine lake on the other side. Not very far you may say, but I shall be doing it on crutches. I came to the decision partly after watching a documentary on the rather handsome Phil Packer. I had been sat feeling sorry for myself in a splint from ankle to hip. He was part of the reason I decided to get off my fat arrse and do something. The final push I needed came with the loss of a friend and 2 local lads and the injuries that a friend sustained in Afghanistan.

I'm still on crutches and it looks like I will be for a further 6 months or so, with more surgery pencilled in. My "crap" year will end, but the years of the Men and Women killed or injured in our Armed Forces and their families won't. I just want to do my bit to make it a bit easier if possible.

I'm doing this walk for 2 charites - Help for Heroes and Holidays for Heroes. I have a "Just Giving" page for the H4H side and a sponsor form for the Holidays for Heroes side. If anyone would like to donate to either, then feel free. If you wish to donate a beer token or 2 to the Holidays for Heroes side of it, then you can either get in touch and we'll work something out or if you are going to the camping trip at the end of this month, then you can do it in person.

The link to the Just Giving page is jaci austin is fundraising for Help for Heroes .

Thanks for listening to me ramble on.

PPM* gone in, good luck young lady.

Well done for supporting Hols for Heroes.

Dale T.

*Pip's Pocket Money.
Tell you what - bin the walk and if you let me paddle your arse with a banjo whilt sing "Maaaammmmmy' I'll stump up the other £200
You really are a dick aren't you?
Good on you lass. Donation sent.


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Thanks Dale and Alec!! You're superstars. Made I smile lots when I checked my emails.

TS1st - there's nothing that would deter me from doing this *walk* but feel free to self flagellate with a stingy flogger and a salted Turbot then send me the pictures and I'll auction them off :)
Oh, and the remainder of the "Richmond Debacle" who are eating Indian food in my living room at the moment are getting bullied into donating too.

Or I will kill them in their sleep.

By Dale, aged 6 and a bit.

P.S. I'll stab the dog in the other eye if they don't cough.
PJ, give me a prod with a sharp elbow at the camping and I'll bung you a few bob :grin:


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Cheers Guys and Girls :wink:

CTD - I can always bring the "purple punisher" with me if you prefer a more substantial poke :grin:

WO2 Hamilcar arrived this morning so he will be coming camping with me. With the plans I have in place for him over the next few weeks, a few days away will probably do him good.
P_J is doing this in the morning, despite her knee having dislocated several times over the past few weeks. Dig deep people!


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Well, I did it!! We had to take a bit of a detour as part of the beach was just impossible to cross on crutches so that pushed the total miles up to 11. It took us just under 5 hours. My Mum, who is 61 and not in the best of health, did it with me.

We picked the worst day weather wise as it pissed down from start to finish and the wind speed went between 30-45 mph. On the open coast it felt a lot stronger. We were soaked to the bone. We had some support at the start as there was another walk for H4H at the same time as one of the girls lost her cousin 3mths ago in the sandy place, and their marshals came to check on us at one point which was lovely.

We reached the end and I'm not ashamed to admit that I broke down crying. It was a very emotional day.

There were a few points where I really didn't think I could carry on, but the kindness of strangers along the way gave us the push that we needed.

I'm now back home and there is a radox bath with my name on it waiting for me!! I'm in agony but it's well worth the pain!! I'm lucky as the blisters on my hands and feet will go, and the swelling on my knee will go down in a few days - those I did it for aren't that lucky.

I'd just like to say thank you to you all for your support and donations.

And on that note, I'm off for a glass of wine in the bath!!
Well done there lass!!!!!!!!
I knew you'd do it, my hat's off to you, well done Jac and congratulations to your Mum as well, what a lady.
Oh well done you! Hope you are feeling better now!

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