Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by angry_anchovy, Apr 21, 2007.

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  1. I left 7 boot bulling Regt a while back, and probably still have outstanding claims but there was an elepahtine cow in the RAO who treated the money in her safe like her own bloody bank balance. I am supposed to be coming back, please someone tell me she died.........
  2. She died.......
  3. But she was very rich
  4. And very fat.....
  5. Last seen wheeling a shopping trolly full of ginsters out of the colonel.
  6. Yes 'she is gone......
  7. Strange, she always spoke highly of you. :twisted:
  8. According to one of my mates the new pay guy actually dishes out the dosh. Was he (my mate) on some sort of drug and just believes he got cash from the RAO, this is unheard of and surely not true. I think my mucka had been on too many trips to Holland................

    Maybe when I get there I will get the mula I am entitled to for hotels etc for me and the ball and chain/kids/dog/goldfish but I won't hold my breath
  9. There is currently a list of names on 7's orders, who are asked to come down to the RAO and collect money owed to them.

    I think its a trap and they will never be seen again. They probably have the lardy bird locked in a cupboard somewhere and she needs feeding!!
  10. I know someone that went down on her, and gave her a ring dobby..................... beat THAT!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Give us a clue sparkplug........
  12. Would love to but PERSEC and all that, you know the score,

    Sorry, and before you ask no PM either
  13. Dinger B**l?
  14. Hmm. Is he a mate of Smudge Sm*th??
  15. No mate but for PERSEC I can confirm that Cpl D*st* M*l*er was only involved in the milling, not the grinding!