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Lara Logan

Cracking piece in Her Majesty's Sun this morning about Lara Logan being told to cover up as she was driving marines in Afghanistan wild by wearing tight jeans and low cut tops.

A reporter I know who is out there told me she has had that coming to her for ages and is complete pr*cktease.

But the marines seem to be resisting her advances so far.....


Is anyone really surprised that Royal is managing to resist the advances of Lara Logan?

Sorry, was I referring to that elite fighting Corps that has to a man, guaranteed, deployed with dresses as SOP.  I suspect that gorgeous Lara failed to pass the 'she'd get it.....look at that hairy chest and Village People moustache' test.

Still, made me chuckle.



You da man.  I have just clicked onto your Lara Logan link.  Happy with that.  Absolutely marvellous.
Im in bl"*dy Afghanistan and I haven't seen her. :p

I couldn't even get the internet to connect with the pictures to make sure I hadn't seen her! :mad:

"Down with that sort of thing" ::)


Oh come on it's obvious why the marines don't like Lara
She hasn't done an in depth story on their latest charity (get the marines in the public eye) story. When's the last time you saw a marine absailing down canary wharf or walking to the moon with his flip flops on. Oh how we all remeber Blue peter and it's death slide down tower bridge. Afganistan just does not have enough charity opportunities to keep them happy. God forbid they have pictures of them with guns now, oh and they have let that nice lady AGC officer in, ammo, morphine or your latest pay statement my green bereted buddy, what about that peters pool........


Having met the lovely lady in the Balkans and one of the 'Stans I'm currently trying to spot her on CBS via satellite somewhere in the sub-continent.  Oh Lara where art thou?  

Any help appreciated to avoid premature blindness and hairy palms.

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