Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by infantrino, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. I'm not sure if this is in the right place, but...

    I start my training in January, and was wondering that after the initial intake and first few weeks would my laptop be allowed there? What I basically want to know is will it be any good to me once I leave or should I just sell it before I go? I use it for music and movies mainly. Even if I couldnt take it to catterick after the first 6 weeks would it be worth keeping it until I pass out and get to my battalion or just getting rid of it?

  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    To do what with it? Review your porn or use it for e-mail?

    No brainer, son. Keep the damn thing and use it once you get to Bn
  3. mixture of both mate, thanks for the help
  4. a couple of guys had them in my troop when i went thru phase one for watching dvd's on mostly.. besides having to upload music to the trp sgt's ipod it was just a distraction for when they could have been doing their kit or their block jobs, but was good for the times they genuinely had time off.

    personally i'd say if you do want to take it, only bring it down after the half way mark when things calm down abit but dont bring it at the start as you wont have the time and you dont need the distraction.
  5. Christ, time to show my age, laptops weren't too common when I was in phase 1 but even if they were I don't think our troop staff would've let us have them. For most of Basic we weren't allowed anything civillian at all. Any free time was spent on block jobs, not trying to pull the old "They don't know they're born" lantern, it's just how it was all of 14 years ago.
    Definately don't get rid of the bloody thing, no point in that, when you get to phase 2 and on to Bn you'll be the guy to see, especially if aforementioned porn stash is anything decent, I like Gwahs but I'm weird.
  6. I was planning on waiting until after the half way mark anyway, when I first go I'm just gonna take the kit they tell me too.

    Cheers lads
  7. Welcome to the site, but am going to shift this to trainign wing
  8. We weren't allowed a radio until we were a couple of months into basic training. We lost the use of it after two days when some little chavmong started playing rap music at full volume. An NCO walked into the room with a pair of pliers and cut the plug off the electrical lead. He also told the chav that if the OC hadn't been showing a party of civvies around the depot the radio would have gone straight out of the window followed by its owner. He concluded by expressing an opinion that rap 'musicians' should be shot and people who buy their 'music' punished and threatened to flog the chav with what was left of the electrical cable.
    They don't make NCOs like that anymore.
  9. When I did my training at Winchester last year, I took my laptop back in when we came back from our long weekend at about half way. I could have taken it in from the start, but it's not like I would have used it loads, but I still would have probably taken it in from the start in retrospect.