Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Blodwyn, Sep 15, 2006.

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  1. Do any of the high street electricals give discount for armed services? I want a laptop to take on detatchment, and realy dont want to spend anymore than £300 on something that i will no doubt drop/loose/break, looked on ebay but to be honest id rather have something new, that i know is gonna last the 6 months and isn't nicked, any ideas?
  2. Have you looked at Student Laptops (you don't need to be a student) or Morgan Computers
  3. You can pick up a low end laptop these days for £350 from most places, like or . Hell, even Dixons or the like usually have a deal for a sub £400 laptop most weeks.

    They arnt by any means desktop replacements, but they arnt bad for the price.
  4. I'd look at anything reconditioned, as these are cheap and quality. Reconditioned laptops are great because they're broke at the factory, so the company hoofs them out to another company for a pittence, who then fix the broke bits and make sure it all works fine. And they do it cheap! Take a look at what i mean at student-laptops above.
  5. Have a look at Dell, you should be able to pick a laptop up for around £350 which normally includes delivery and they are pretty reliable.
  6. If you are going out of the UK Dell will ship to BFPO and sell you it Tax free.

  7. Look at the specs of the computers. Most come with small HardDrives thats why they are so cheap. You can do naff all with a 6GB hard drive.
  8. If I could find the Forces' Discount Brochure, I am certain there are some companies in there (Akhter is one) - but the house is in a mess at the moment (decorators).

  9. Ebuyer here
    cheap as chips plus the warrentry is spot on.
  10. Just got a Siemens laptop from Curry's....£399, reduced from £499.

    It certainly beats sitting at a P.C. :pc:

    It's got a 60 GB hard drive, 1.70 GHz processor, 512 RAM, DVD RW, XP Home, 15.4" screen.

    Best one that I'd seen around :D

    Now someones gonna tell me that they've seen a better bargain 8O
  11. I am after a really small laptop it will only be using 3 programs and have wireless and a usb

    This laptop has to be really dinky and light I am a IT technophobe can any of you guys help out
  12. Persist with Dell until you get through to their BFPO helpline (Irish accent rather than Indian accent). They understand the whole BFPO tax free thing and are very good.
  13. Welcome to the show, Gaffer. :)