Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Countrylad, Jul 30, 2009.

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  1. I'm currently looking around to buy a laptop and have a budget of up £425, can anyone point in the direction of any good deals or models? I've seen two laptops that look like what i'm after but was just wondering if anyone else had any other good suggestions.

  2. Not ACER
  3. Not Lenovo (who also make IBM): my current laptop from them is eating its harddrive and the WiFi link is extremely unreliable and the USB bus frequently drops or cannot find plug-ins (previously installed and used with no problems). Have ordered a Mac Airbook (slightly above your budget though).

    The last one turned unreliable as well after 12 months.

    (why do i have a second one? Both supplied by a client for bügger all cash).
  4. Also don't be tempted by Sony: several friends have them and while a couple have been very happy, some have been seriously annoyed by component failures.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    What are you going to use it for?
  6. Sons hp had to go back to Pc World a few times but that was OS related.

    The wifes Dell seems to be fine and reasonably well priced. And solid, unlike the HP which now has a mysterious smashed screen, cheers son.
  7. I've used a Fuji Seimens for the past 4 years and have had no problems with it. It's only a small one (60GB) but holds everything I want. Actually thinking of upgrading in the next couple of months and would certainly consider another Fuji.
  8. Dell seem very good - especially if you buy one of the business versions.

    Dell also have a "factory outlet" page on their website where you can pick up PCs at 20-30% better spec for your money than in a normal retail outlet.
  9. I agree with T4

    dell are doing some very good deals at the moment. they seem to change evey few weeks. bigger hard drive. more memory. free delivery......

    I think with dell you can't really go wrong.

    Just don't go to PC world and buy a dell. they rip you off.....
  10. Actually, Acer aren't that bad, in fact they rate very, very highly in reviews. They did have some problems with support a few years back but this seems to have been resolved now. What you can do is give these guys a ring:

    They have plenty more than is available on the site, and they also have stuff that has been returned to them from a major online retailer as 'open box' i.e. it was not what the customer wanted, so you should REALLY ask them about that. I got a brand new Lenovo SL500 at top spec for £400 last month from them! They mainly specialise in surplus or second user kit though, so when banks and companies upgrade staff desktop and laptops they buy the old ones from them.
    Ooooh! They have Thinkpad T60s for £340! I had one of those. Very bulletproof and have excellent extras such as the ketboard light that shines down from the top of the screen to illuminate the, well, keyboard.
  11. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    Agree regarding Dell, and recommend their service package as well as the product.

    Offspring had a new one to take to Uni. Within ten days he'd deleted part of the OS; they sent an engineer and it was fixed. He then managed to jam a pencil in it, damaging the screen. They sent another engineer for free, he just had to pay for the components.

    HP are absolute cack, as is their service department. My new HP laptop for work freezes / reboots itself randomly, and the printer I bought for personal use never would talk to my p.c.. The attitude of their help desk staff was awful, and after three different printers, I changed for a Cannon which is fab.

    I'll be treating myself to a Dell laptop once I move house and see what cash is left. Not from PC World, whose adverts seem to think that women only choose kit because it matches their shoes. Grrr.
  12. Just on the offchance, as laptop sales are being discussed, can anyone help me please? Don't laugh but I am looking for trustworthy laptop sales sites in Hong Kong or Taiwan. I need a laptop with all the Chinese fonts. The computers I am using now are all western style Microsoft, and the input management editor for the 'traditional' Chinese fonts never seems to work. Typing in pinyin will not produce the correct characters, no matter which computer or OS I use. [I suspect cunning oriental sabotage by software designers, but to be fair it's probably me not realising the obvious and not being able to find a set of instructions] The mainland Chinese I know use Chinese computers, of course, so do not have this problem, but have not bought their stuff from websites (mainland China still has big issues about internet selling), and the Taiwanese bought theirs from shops. I could buy Twinbridge word processing, of course, but it is so expensive ($99 - $159) that it might make sense to buy a cheap and chearful Chinese machine instead.


    Baffled of Arrse
  13. Maybe have a look on eBay: there seem to be many HK/Taiwan vendors there with 100% ratings and 1,000+ sales. I was looking at Eee PCs, and they were offering machines with Chinese systems as OEM, and also English machines with Chinese keyboards. One or two of them seem to have UK distribution agents, so you might be able to order & view a machine before committing to it.
  14. Mostly for a bit of gaming, music, internt surfing & watching dvds. I would normally get a desktop but I'm going to need something portable. So what what everyone else has said so far ACER (more recently) & Dell are ok?