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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Mongoose, Jan 18, 2008.

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  1. Greetings, a friend of mine wants to get a laptop with all her well earned cash from Herrick, she wants to get one in Germany because of the tax free goodness over there... Now I've told her at the moment laptops are fairly cheap here anyway if you shop around, but she seems stuck on the idea of a master race laptop.

    Obviously the plugs are different, and the language options can be changed, but are there any other major issues if she did buy one whilst over there and then bring it here when she gets posted back?
  2. Keyboard will be in German if you buy it from a german shop. It can be changed though btu you will need to buy on eoff ebay or from the manucturer.

    BIOS may also be in german i suppose.

    Look at they do tax free sales to Germany and they are reasonable and all powerfull.
  3. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    bios is always in english - that's for sure :)
  4. I think Dell will do the VAT refund as well, remember they used to anyway!

    That way she can shop for it online, choose the spec and have it all in english.
  5. Dell are used to dealing with the Military and will ship to BFPO
  6. try ONE.DE

    i got mine from there had no problems ,cost less than UK and i could put any OS i wanted on it . German keyboard not a drama . I didnt know how to get the tax off as i dont speak boxhead but it was still cheap and well specced .

    hope it helps

    whatnow? :twisted:
  7. I got my toshiba from Media Markt for a lot less than it would cost in Blighty.

    A mild trouble was that the OS (Win XP) came in German and needed a reinstall (it's not a simple case of switching from DE to EN). This only took a morning.
  8. Amazon also ship to BFPO and refund VAT straight away. Got my macbook that way.
  9. Yeah, I had a Gericom (no wah!) from germany but couldn't use some english language software with it like (NTL internet thingy) as the german windows wouldn't work with the english software.

    Could be what Schleswig-Holstein (und mit Bindestrich!) described.

    IT mong so don't know, but something to be aware of. Now the proud owner of a dell which does what I need it to do. Don't ask...

    PS Saturn and Media Markt are one and the same company. What you can't get at Media Markt you can get at Suturn but for this reason they don't stock the same big items meaning you can't compare. A bit like Blacks and Millets in UK.
  10. Christ, do they still exist :?
  11. As alredy stated, DELL and Amazon ship to BFPO and give you VAT back.

    I have just bought a PC off of DELL and got 23% discount and 3 free upgrades.
  12. I'm planning on buying a laptop myself. The requirements i ask of it are that it at least must run CoD4 without trouble,and that it has a 17" screen.
    My budget runs around £900
    Any of you have some advice on what machine to buy?
    I have heard that Dell gives discount to squaddies.
    Is this only for Brits or do other nations benefit of it as well?
  13. BFPO address Cloggie :wink:
  14. Maybe that would work fine if i was British. But since i'm just a bloody clog hopping,cheese eating,ganja schmoking fecker,i don't know what my odds are here in Dutchstan. :wink:
  15. Well just hop over the border to Bruggen and ask someone to do it for you. :D