Laptops at Bassinbourn?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by TC1989, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. I just got a laptop to take with me to basic next week (mon12th jan) because my m8 who has jus passed out said it helps with the boring admin in the evening but now im not sure if i can take it or not. As its new i dont want to take to the risk of having it taken from me n not returned by the staff etc.

    What do reckon i shud do?

    I did think about leaving it at home then getting family to send it if i thought it was ok e.g. if others had thiers with them at basic.
  2. On this note... do most baracks have wi-fi?
  3. leave it at home untill atleast the 7week point
  4. er.. no

    but if you took a laptop just need one of those dingle things that use 3g.

    Can get them on pay-as-you go now from most phone providers..
  5. Leave it at home until at least week seven (after long weekend).
  6. If it is a good laptop, leave it at home until you are at least at phase 2.

    Failing taht, a 3g dongle, and a kensington lock or a lockable case for it is handy. Then make sure it is always locked away and jealously guarded.

    You´llhave plenty of "mates" if you have one, and a few films etc.

    Don´t imagine too much time to do much more than listen to music or watch/listen to films on it though. And you don´t need it for work or anything to do with basic.

    wifi is not an option really.

    TBH, I woudn´t take it until phase 2 though. Didn´t have them in my day :D
  7. you wont be allowed to use it until week 7 at the earliest..until week seven..they told us even the use of a mobile phone was considered a privallage. you can take it back after your long weekend. And as for the WIFI..there is a few at bassingbourn that are unsecured and you can access.
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