I know theres probably tons of threads on laptops but frankly at the moment too lazy at home from chilwell for 2 days before i fly off to banja napa. Was lookin to get myself a laptop over there either off the internet or from Sarajevo PX as i have been infomed they have semi decent laptops. Im lookin for a reasonably affordable performance laptop for gaming etc and wireless network for when i get home. any suggestions?


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Your mention of the word Gaming rings alrm bells, becasue thats what will put the price up. Is it specifically themost modern games etc or is a particular one? Here is somethign i poste a few days ago

As a general laptop buying guide, you need to try and ask yourself several questions.
(1) How much am I prepared to pay?
(2) What will I use it for?
(3) How portable do you want it?
After answering that you can then try and get the best system for you, compromising in some areas and perhaps treating yourself in others.

Breaking it down into key areas, a laptop consists of:

(a) Screen size and type - Depends on your answer to (3). For a desktop replacement, bigger is better, if you compromise in some areas perhaps get a bigger screen and stay within budget.
(b) RAM - Perhaps the MOST important part of the system, you will see more difference when upgrading this than any other part. 1024 is good, 2048 is better especially if you are going to be running Vista
(c) Processor - OK, controversial here. We all like shiny fast kit, but to put it simply the ONLY thing you need a fast processor for is games and possibly Video Editing/3D graphics rendering. If all you want to do is Email, surf, play music, mess with pics, you can save hundreds of pounds here. Core 2 Due reigns supreme at the moment, but core duo and even Pentium M are good enough for the basic stuff
(d) Hard drive. Still small on laptops compared to a desktop. Not worth spending money on a larger one unless its faster. To be honest a faster 80G one would be better than a slower 120GB one. If you need more storage, you can get an external 300gb one to plug into your laptop for £70
(e) Graphics card - very complicated area, however you said you do not want to play games, so any modern graphics will do you. Save hundreds here to.
(f) Sound system - Can get exopensive ones, but on a laptop, not usually worth it, on bioard sound is the norm.
(g) DVD drive, cheap as chips now days, should have a DVD writer as standard

Hope this helps a little


tank_6275 said:
Im lookin for a reasonably affordable performance laptop for gaming etc and wireless network for when i get home. any suggestions?

If it's just for home use stay away from laptops - you can get more desktop for your money.


its not just for home use for ops as well. also not for high end gaming just fairly simple games "generals" for example .strategy type games. also not too bothered bout it being portable as im a loggie therefore have a nice big truck cab to haul things around in


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OK, with what you have said about games, you don't need a super duper graphics card, a normal Mid range one would do, so I reckon for £800 you could get a nice machine. In terms of which specific one, its another grey area and I would never say "this one is best" simply because I have not expereicned all the different combinations out there. What I can do is look at the components and say "yep that looks pretty good", likewise some people have good and bad experience of different manufacturers and would reccomend a laptop in that way.

For example Dell, Mesh are good name suppliers, Sony, Acer etc are good brand names.

I persoanlly use a company called NOVATECH and have had good servcie from them over the years. I should point out my main reason for using these are that they are a Mail order company, but based close to me, so I pay mail order prices, but usually collect from the desk in an hour or so. They build their own range, here are a few links to Laptops in your price

this one is at the lower end of your budget

This one at the top end


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As I mentioned, I wasnt specifically recommendign Novatech, but their prices arent bad, and those 2 machines are examples of what you should be looking for in that price bracket.

Dell are a brand with a good reputation, though not always the cheapest, but if they ship tax free, not a bad place to start :D

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