Laptop Woes

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by dhgrainger1, May 6, 2009.

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  1. I'm a very p!ssed off bunny rabbit this afternoon.

    A few weeks ago now my laptop (Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo 1510) fell off the sofa and landed on the plugged in main power supply, I thought everything was fine, but a few days later the power supply stopped charging the laptop. I had a little look and the plug that goes into the computer was bent and not making a decent contact.

    "Right," says I, "I'll be a tightarse and have a look-see what Amazon can find me." I soon find a charger, 16 quid with a couple of couple of pages of decent reviews.

    "Brilliant," I think to myself, "I'll have that!" So off's I go, type my details into the computer, and lo and behold a few days later the charger arrives. I fish it out the box, set the right voltage, select the proper connector and off we go, "Wahey!" I exclaim as I return to my journey through the internet's vast collection of porn and other educational material.

    About a week later however, it seems Houston has a problem. I've looked down at my keyboard and glanced at the little light panel in the corner and the charging light is not green. It's not even flashing orange.

    "Hmmm," thinks I, "what's that all about?" I unplug the charger from my laptop and plug it back it. Problem solved. My status as a computer wizard restored, I returned to playing Command and Conquer.

    A few days the problem occurs again however, and this time no amount of unplugging and plugging bakc in again will help.

    "Bugger," I whisper, seeing my dreams of being reasonably good with computers fall away in tatters, "what now?!". I look down to where the clock is shown on my screen and, strangely, the plugged in icon is still showing. It says "Plugged In, Not Charging."

    "Well," thinks I, "that'll do for now." and I carry on with frittering my day away.

    A couple of weeks pass of me putting up with the situation when suddenly, my laptop turns off.

    "What the flip," I scream, "just happened?!" I'd been typing up some work and I could already feel my lecturer's piercing glaze on the back of my head as I walk out of his office having just delivered a scrappy handwritten essay. My finger reaches for the power button, I close my eyes and press...the laptop powers up...the log in screen is reached...I type in my password and hit "Go." Everything seems to be fine until the fateful moment. The cooling fan goes "Whierrrrrr...blip", the screen goes blank, the lights all turn out.

    "Bugger." Thinks I.

    The work I was doing is somewhat essential, so I'm faced with a choice, get on a bus to town in the vain hope that the Currys Digital would have a laptop charger suitable, or jump in a taxi and get fleeced by stupidly asking to be taken to the nearest computer store, which will invariably end in me getting taken for a very expensive ride to a PC world when I could have nipped into the internet cafe 5 minutes away.

    I choose the taxi.

    We arrive at the PC World, that seems remarkably close to my house, yet took a strangely long time to get to, and I go inside. I hastily ask the shop attendant where I can find laptop power supplies and I rush around following the inevitably vague intructions of an acne infested nerd who never really got over being bullied in year 10. I look down to find a huge selection of chargers, when I say huge, I mean 3.

    "Three bloody chargers?!" Thinks I, "A store this big and you've got a selection of just three?!" I come to the conclusion that they're bound to have a cheap one, a middle range one and stupidly expensive one. I immediately spot the expensive one, it's white, shiny and bound to have been designed with a certain mp3 player/laptop monoply in mind. I spot the middle of the range one too, it's in a cheapish looking plastic container, plenty of wires and fittings on display.

    "Brilliant," thinks I, as my eyes continue left along the shelf "I've found the cheap end one!" Only it's not cheap. It's £59.99 and it hasn't even got a transparent display panel. It's in a crap looking cardboard box and a repaired with sellotape hanger loop coming out the top. Weighing up the options I decide that the hit my bank account will take will pale in comparison to the hit my degree would take if I didn't submit the work properly, so I hand over my card dance my fingers over the chip and pin pad and leave, disgruntled.

    Another strangely long taxi ride back and I plug in my overpriced purchase.

    "Top blimin banana!" I exclaim, as the little orange light begins to flash again on my computer. My laptop is charging, my work has auto recovered and everything will be fine. I get back to it and get a decent amount done, when I decide to ring the girlfriend to organise our time together this coming weekend. We're idling away the time with small talk when I look down and see the orange light has stopped flashing. It hasn't been replaced with a green one. The air was turned blue with profanity and had a dog been nearby I would have very nearly kicked it.

    One hundred English pounds down and the score remains Laptop One, Me Nil.

    "Fuck." Thinks I.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Have you tried waving a hoover at it?

  3. or tried being a know it all fcukwit to it, MSR is the expert to ask about that.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Meeeooow. Saucer of milk for one....
  5. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Try vacuuming it out.

    Worked for me.

    Whatever anybody says.
  6. What do you expected different? Don't worry though, eventually you'll get his OP Ack instead and then you'll be fine...
  7. Ok, you orignally broke the power supply, you went and bought another but have you checked that is compatible with the orignal and I mean compatible not just the plug but the correct amperage and so forth.

    My suggestion would be to get the orignal transformer repaired by replacing the plug, an easy enough job.

  8. You may have cracked the power point inside the laptop when it landed on it. If it's cracked, power could be intermitent, hence working sometimes and not others. Try waggling the wire when the charging light is on to see if there is any play In it and see if it stops charging. If that is the problem it maybe fixable using solder. A small(I.e not of worlds or dixons) pc repair shop should be able to check and repair this.
  9. While you're at it, check the contacts on the battery. If they're bent or stuck as a result of the drop, you may only be getting power to the battery when the laptop has been manoeuvred in some magical way that can best be described as random. As the laptop warms during use, the contacts may move just enough to disconnect.

    Bear in mind that not all laptops will run with the battery disconnected, so the problem may not be with the power lead/input jack.
  10. Broke my lappy the same way not long ago took it to the local geek shop small happy place quoted £120 for the small solder job stuff that house innsurance and behold nice new laptop.
  11. I feel for you. Having worked with a hell of a lot of laptop's (200 odd staff ones, plus another 120 odd kids ones) I know that power adaptors are a sore spot, and the generic ones are, for want of a better word, sh!t.

    The best option is to approach Fuji (+44 (0) 8702 434397) and ask for one, I don't think the 1510 model is that old, but you will probably be looking at £80 in my experience
  12. do yourself a favour and get a Mac. Bought mine 1 year ago, no blue screen of death (ever), no long boot time, runs all the Microsoft programs you use (Office, Word, Powerpoint et al) and looks, quite frankly, the balls.

    Ps. I expect the usual flak about price, but really, save up and do it. Best decision i ever made, and I grew up on Windows 3.1
  13. If you're in NI I'll have a crack at sorting it (I worked as a Field Service Engineer for Fujitsu-Siemens).

    @ longlivethequeen - in defence of said geek, laptops are a gangfuck to work on. You need hands the size of an Action Man and wrists like universal joints. The DC in point is frequently right in the arrse of the damned thing and you have to disassemble practically the whole laptop.

    <rant mode> laptops are a fcuking waste of time. unless you ABSOLUTELY have to carry your computer about with you, spend the same money on a desktop which is twice as good. And less easy to damage or steal <rant off>
  14. Mac? No swearing please.
  15. I used one to admin a mixed windows/apple network, loved it ... and the magsafe connector is a blinding idea (although, not up to the high standard of implementation that one would expect of apple.)