Laptop - TV via HDMI help please


War Hero
I can connect my Laptop to my TV via a HDMI cable which works fine for the picture, does any one know if it is possible to get the sound from the TV this way as well.

If so how?
I have had the same problem years ago, try playing around with the audio settings, essentially you want to divert audio from the built in speakers to the HDMI. As we are talking windows, it could literally anywhere, sound card driver, firmware, the way the HDMI is built, you name it. Have you tried getting the audio to the TV in 3.5mm to cinch?


War Hero

Sorted thank you for the answer and yes you were right it is in the sound settings.

If any one else needs this. Right click on your speaker and select playback options, You will have listed your speakers and another option mine is SPDIF Interface. The speakers will be the default, right click on the other option and select default this should sort it. However just remember to select speaker again when finneshed.

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