Laptop to HDMI Screen-saver Keeps Switching On

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  1. I watch the sport through the laptop hooked up to the TV via HDMI. Every 15 minutes or so it goes blank, I have to move the mouse, or tap a key, to get it back on again. I would imagine this is a screen-saver, but nothing appears. is there a way to keep the screen on permanently while viewing via the TV? I am using Vista.
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    Sounds like a power saving measure. Have a look in Control Panel.

  3. Thanks. Seems to have done the trick.
  4. out of interest what did you do ,i have a similar problem??
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    Go in to Control Panel (on the Start menu) and access Power Settings; it may well have a propitiatory name such as 'Toshiba Power Saver' depending on OS or manufacturer.

    Somewhere in there you will find a setting that says something along the lines of:

    'Turn Off Monitor after 15 minutes' which is the default setting. Change this to Never, or what ever suits you.
  6. This is how I found the option, there may be an easier way to it though.

    Using Vista: Control Panel>> Appearance & Personalisation>>Change Screen Saver>>Change Power Settings>>On the left, select 'When To Turn Off The Display>>Select both options to 'Never'
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    Click on start, type power and click :)
  8. Yep on windows 7 , select on what the power buttons do......sorted