Laptop suggestions for games


Being a computer mong, having looked at countless websites, and not wanting to fall prey to slippery PC World salespeople, I come to the folks of Arrse for advice.

Basically, I'm looking for a laptop, up to £500 for general use, including games ( possibly online ), and dongle thingy internet use.

Where the hell do I start?!?
I would recommend DELL, price/spec wise, make sure the GFX are either nvidea or Radeon, get the model number then confirm the GFX ability by looking here :wink:
Got a 3 dongle with a high spec laptop thrown in for £40 a month. Chose one with 3G memory & high end graphics card. Plays COD MW2 without a problem.

That'd be my suggestion.



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has it got to be a laptop? you'll be lucky to find something that will give you a decent gaming experience under the sub-£500 mark. if you go the desktop route you'll a. get more for your money and b. far easier to upgrade if you want to.

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