Laptop speed reduced - any ideas?


I am back on R&R from BSN, and my laptop has slowed down significantly since I left. By which I mean playing MW2, there is more than usual lag. Also, playing Dawn of War 2, in a big punch up with lots of gunfire noise and voice, it is stuttering.

The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite A500 running Windows 7, Intel Core Duo @2.13 Ghz, 4GB RAM.

The only different things I have done to it is run the Paradigm WiFi in Theatre, and downloaded a load of Music Videos which I spliced with MS Moviemaker - doing htis resulted in shutdowns on several occasions.

I have run Malware Bytes and Rkill, also MS Security, with no finds of viruses. I have also tried to use the various Windows diagnostic tools and turned off a few startup programmes.

Can anyone advise what to do to get back to non-stuttering, non-laggy action?

Cheers all
CCleaner sometimes helps speed up my PC - I run it once a month or so and the clean up appears to give it a spring in its step for a few more weeks
Get a new one, I bought a Toshiba 6 months ago and have decided its a pile of shite.
I agree - I bought my kid a Satalite about a year ago - it was absolutely useless until I wiped just about every invasive program that was pre-installed on it. After that it wasn't too bad apart from the awkwardly positioned 'mouse' buttons
Thank you all for the speedy replies. I have gone for a free version of CCleaner, see how that gets on. I went to defrag, it told me it had done it at 0300 on Wednesday and did not need to be done - which was funny as the bloody thing was not even on.

Roger that Toshiba with all its preloaded crap is frustrating - it actually the Mesahib's computer and got shanghaied for the tour. However until now the speeds for gaming have been OK.

When I can get back and spunk some Op Allowance on a new desktop (considering these Novatech People) the problem may be irrelevant...
I use a Sony Vaio on base for all kinds of assorted crap. its getting on a bit now but is hard wearing and very fast for gaming chatting etc.
Not much into games but if the program requires internet link, I know BT run down speeds to less than 1 meg if the line isn't used for some time, e.g. away on service. My line took a month to repair external damage, at the end of which the engineer had to get someone to lift the cap on the line speed which had automatically kicked in.
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