Laptop Speakers Won't Work...

I.A. Dada

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A few days ago the left speaker on my laptop (Fujitsu Amilo Notebook) started making crackling noises. I disabled it as a temporary measure. A day later the right speaker cut out completely without any warning.

I've Googled the problem, tried disabling and enabling the speakers again, used system restore, visited the manufactures site for updates to the drivers, and generally faffed around. The device manager shows no malfunctions.

The laptop is old and pretty much held together with black nasty anyway. I'm dubious about whether taking it for a professional service and repair actually constitutes value for money. Is there anything else I can do before I go out and buy a new one ?


Buy some cheap plug-in speakers? They usually disconnect the laptop speakers, if you plug them into the headphone socket.


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you checked all the settings in control panel? tried plugging a pair of headphones into the audio out socket? if they work, then what 4T says.
Easy diagnostic. The speakers are fvcked!

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