Laptop spastic seeks help

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by gingwarr, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. Hey,

    I'm looking at buying a laptop - something I've never done before. I quite frankly have no idea how much RAM I need, how many gigawotsits I should be looking at or what a video card looks like.

    My budget's £400 (I know, not much) , and I'll be using it mostly for study, home using and a bit of gaming (I won't need a anythng stupidly good for this).

    What should I be looking at, and what should I avoid?
  2. Hmmm.....

    Asus make good laptops (and most of the circut boards in other companies)

    Look for some thing with 1Gb of Ram
    an Nvidia or ATI branding graphics chip and approx 100Gb of disk space. processor does not really matter too much as they will all run windows anything by AMD or Intel is fine.

    You might be able to find a good deal on an older machine on ebay but in my experience laptops are always a bit more delicate than desktops so I'd normally steer away from 2nd user ones.
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. Dell. They may not have the 'cred' of Apple, but they are good well built machines. Here is the secrect though.... Dell sell loads of new stuff through the 'Dell Shop'. This is not to be confused with the normal Dell outlet.
    The Dell Shop sells stuff that is scratched. It is all new, current stock with full warrany etc. It is just scratched or some such minor mark.
    For example, I bought my daughter a lappy for Christmas, an Inspiron 6400, the full works for £230 including VAT. I can't see any marks, neither the wife or daughter.
  5. Dont' be proud... My advice would be to find a mate who does -
    I guarentee they will save you £150 (hopefully more) and get what you need and require...

    well worth a couple of beers afterwards eh?
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Although, confusingly, the store you refer to is called The Dell Outlet...

  7. onYes! The Dell Outlet, that's the one. I haven't had any beer yet either :O)
  8. I'd agree on Dell, I bought an Inspiron 9300 about 18 months ago and it's a beaut, it's been carried in the back of my rucksack with no ill effects other than some scratches on the case.......

    The 17" screen is well worth it with the ATI or nVidia graphics card (those extra 2" make all the difference to your viewing experience) especially if you watch DVDs etc. You defo want a better than std graphics card for gaming. Plus the wider screen lends itself better to widescreen (16:9). Downside is that's a bit more tricky to carry around.

    Go for a 250Gb disk, 2Gb RAM (memory) as anything less with Windows Vista is not recommended! All the CPUs (processors) are dual core now - quad core is around the corner.

    Have a look at the Inspiron and Vostro models, go through the "customise" process and compare the options and price. This should give you more of an idea - then you can post more specific questions according to your needs e.g. how much gaming, do you need bluetooth, etc etc.

  9. Buy HP good aftercare 2 gig ram dual core wireless at least 3 usb ports Dell are nothing but cowboys believe me haggle a good deal at a major store tell them you saw the same model elswhere take cash BLAG IT oh 15 inch screen xp pro and try for the biggest hardrive you can at least 200 gig if not get them to throw in a large flash drive cheap or free with the deal .
  10. I think Dell have lost their edge in the market place. My current fave is HP.
  11. Is the Duffer referring to laptops only or all HP desktop etc?
  12. Never tried Dell but if shipping to a BFPO address they will ship VAT free and do the paperwork!