Laptop searches going in to US?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Schleswig-Holstein, Aug 18, 2008.

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  1. Folks

    I've heard reports that some people flying into the USA with laptops are getting their computers scanned/data copied etc. by the DHS.

    Does anyone on here have any recent experience of this? I'm going to Hawaii (via LAX), and although the worst things on my laptop are mp3s, I'd prefer to know if I need to remove them before travelling.

  2. Yeah right. :lol:
  3. Honest guv :wink:

    It's my work laptop, all the dodgy stuff is nice and safe on the pc at home!

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  4. Cant help I'm afraid. Bad sh1t though.
  5. It looks like they can search what they want. If that is a device with digital storage then it appears that they can take it away, copy it, and give it you back when they're good and done.
    Just one of many articles doing the rounds is this one from The Register
  6. We were told about the possibility a few weeks ago and given an instruction to ask for a specific person (Security services/accredited?) to be present when the laptop was scanned. Sorry forgot who the person should be, will look for the reference when I get back to work and let you know if someone else doesn't answer in the interim. I believe a recent update to a specific JSP refers.

    Depending upon the information on the laptop, discretion can be applied.
  7. Cheers folks, will look into this in more detail (and delete all the MP3s off the hard disk etc)
  8. PGP.
    Or EFS encrypt & the whip the HDD out and put it in a separate bag with your socks to stop it getting busted.

    I would PGP the HDD and remove it if you're worried about the detonator diagrams.
  9. I suspect that the offcier would ask for the key/password and if you didn't oblige, refuse you entry.

    The big companies are issuing "clean" laptops for such visits.

  10. It would scream 'I have something to hide'.
  11. I think I'll leave my HDD in place/unencrypted for just this reason (and the fact I like my bottom un-probed).

    Has anyone in ARRSE-land flown into the US recently with a laptop? If so, did they ask owt?

    I'm a lowly scientist attending a conference (in Hawaii!!!, hurrah!!), so have very little to hide, but would like to know the likelihood of someone wanting to scan my PC...
  12. It must be great living in the land of the free.
  13. Coming to a country near you, if they got half a chance!

    Luckily, the thing stopping them is a lack of money!

  14. That doesn't surprise me. I have mixed feelings about this sort of thing, yes I have nothing to hide but whats their objective? Can it be reached using this method? In short no.
  15. I regularly fly in, out and within the US, and have never been bothered. Nor have I heard of anyone having their laptop/phone/ipod impounded, except in newspaper scare stories.

    On the other hand customs guys can pretty much do as they want, and if that involves fcuking you about - tough.