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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Tom_Thumb, Apr 15, 2006.

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  1. Does the naafi insurance cover laptops in Blandford? If not what are my options...apart from being uninsured. Can I leave it in a lockup somewhere?

  2. Does NAAFI insurance specifically say that it doesn't cover Blandford, or does it say that it doesn't cover single accommodation? In which case, they aren't going to get much custom from service personnel, which you would have thought was their main customer base.
  3. T.T. If you have it, check your household contents insurance, or..if you reside with your parents when you are on leave, check with theirs. often household insurance covers personal items such as laptops, camera's etc when at a different address than stated on the policy.
  4. I have an insurance policy with Naafi; not only do I have to specify the laptop as a particularly valuable item, it also adds approx £15 per month to the premium. My point being that if your laptop is covered you know it, if you don't it probably ain't.
  5. Just tell em you've got it and your insured anywhere. As for a lock up, if you're that worried about it then, the army provide a lovely storage facility where you LOCK IT IN YOUR LOCKER YOU THICK CNUT.
  6. Good advise there bull.

    What you could do Tom is phone NAAFI and ask. If it isn't insured then tell them you have one and hom much its worth and bobs your aunty you have an insured laptop!!!!

    But like theBull says, lock it up in your locker when you are not on it, obviously.
  7. Tom - help without childish abuse.

    If your in training leave it behind. There are all sorts of thieving wierdos in basic training. Luckily, most of them will be binned, but if I was you I really would not take it.

    As for the fantastic Army lockers people on here are lauding, when I was in phase three training in the holding troop, we had a junkie who was waiting to get binned. Whilst he was waiting to go (took about three months 'cos he admitted it with out doing a CDT), people kept getting stuff stolen. He used to unscrew the backs off of them!

    As for a lock-up. There is likely to be a box room, but thats not really safe either. Infact I had a Dennon Hi-Fi that I bought from Germany, stored in my MFO box during my trade training (I did a tour of Macedonia before my trade course at Chatham), locked away in the box room. It got stolen. So, if I were you, I really wouldn't take it.

    So Tom, just leave it behind for a few months. If your course requires a computer, then I am sure there will be student computer rooms.

  8. lockers at blandford are fitted and as you may be here for up to a year and it is a useful study tool if you are going to be tradesman.

    Just make sure you lock it away i don't know about NAAFI but my insurers cover things like laptops but you have to declare them because of their value
  9. Blandford lockers are pretty good.

    If you buy a kingston lock you can secure it in to the locker too. And even to your radiator when you have it out.

    Don't get me wrong, the singly blocks are not some kind of ghetto. But why take the risk? In training there will be nutters that the army is in the process of ejecting. And at Blandford the rooms aren't as exclusive as you would perhaps prefer.

    A_L is right, there are student computer rooms, but to be fair a laptop is always a boon. Watch DVDs, play games, see porn, and of course it is easier to do your work in your room rather than mooch on down to the computer room.
  10. This requires childish abuse. It's bad enough having to wipe the sprogs arrses without cnuts like this requiing it as well. do yourself a favour and stop acknowedging shit like this with valid responses. Thick cnuts like this shouldn't have made it into the signals

  11. well you made it and you're an nco and everything
  12. Mlaaaarrr!!!
  13. OK serious time. If it's on your insurance (you do have to tell them) then it's not insured unless it's locked away anyway. Blandford isn't the hotbed of crime that it's being made out to be. Keep your personal security up to scratch and you shouldn't have a problem. A big fcuk off padlock on your locker is a good deterrent and if somebody is after it then they'll go for the one thats easier and unsecure. Invest in an external harddrive and back up all your coursework and everything will be fine. This is stuff you get drummed into you from day 1 week 1 anyway.
  14. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    As seaid above a kingstone lock to the radiator woudl be ideal when it is out in your room remember it only takes 20 secs whilst you are out for a piss for some one to nick it. Als a sturfy padlock for when in your locker. Also might be an idea to mark it with a UV pen and put your army number on it. However if you don't need it don't take it.