Laptop Reccomendations

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Cpt_Darling, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. After browsing various sites I am in need of some advice from fellow Arrsers.

    I'm looking for something in the £400 region, going to be primarily used as a tool for stroing films and tv shows, so a large, but Im also going to be wanting to load Napoleon TW onto it aswell. (Can you tell this is coming on tour? :D )

    Cheers for any advice!
  2. While you can fairly easily meet N:TW minimum specs for that price, I think you would struggle to meet the recommended - especially graphics card:

  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. Just bought a Dell Inspiron 15 (or whatever) and is good. 250GB hard disk, 3GB RAM, little camera thingy to send movies of you humping the cat etc. Oh yeh, around £300 the lot.
  5. Could you send full details on that Dell deal? Sounds a gud un.

    Many thanks.
  6. Bit above budget (£500), but I bought of of these, 500Gig HD, dunno about graphics, don't play games, does me :D

  7. Packard Bell are shite, completely fecking dire in performance and build quality. Customer support is non existent.
    Only one worth touching is the iPower GX and even that is rather crappy.
  8. Perhaps someone's been unlucky? Packard Bell seem to be pretty good, my wife has this one and it's very good. My preference is HP.
  9. Haven't ever gone near the buggers, I know full well the situation with them. They've had a very bad business track record for a reason - even after being bought out countless times.
    Hewlett Packard is bugger all to do with Packard Bell aswell.
  10. It's an Acer. But does me fine.
  11. Funny that, either I'm going blind or that says Packard Bell.
    Acer own them, but they're still built like a downs put it together.
  12. Quote: G P
    Hewlett Packard is bugger all to do with Packard Bell aswell.

    Aware of that Grizz.
  13. I have the same and it runs Napoleon TW fine, although it hasn't got a great graphics card so you have to put up with mid-range graphics rather than the top level.
  14. Went for the Dell Inspiron 1545, 320GB Hard drive, 320 all told from the outlet store