Laptop not charging

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by yellowbelly, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. Am not the most IT minded, however have a laptop (Dell) and the battery is running down. Every time I connect the power lead, it tells me to connect a 9V adapter and does not charge, but kind of keeps the battery at its previous level. Said power lead has worked for over 12 months since it came with laptop, but now not. Noticed this once or twice before but just took power lead out, stuck it back in and it started charging. Does it sound like the adapter is knackered? Laptop clearly knows when a power lead is connected becuase it tells me its the wrong type! Cheers in advance.
  2. Switch off, remove battery, attach charging lead to laptop.
    Try to turn on without battery fitted.
    If it does not start up the problem lies with the charger/lead.
    If it starts up and runs normally, the problem is the battery.

    ALso, worth referring to the Dell manual for your laptop, and/or google it - may be a problem others have experienced.

    Worked for me!
  3. Just had same problem - meter registering but no charge. Sounds like either the power pack or the connector inside, £20 job either way. Apparently if you drape your power pack out the way it keeps tugging the connector and this is what causes the problem always ensure plenty of slack in the lead. Hope this helps.
  4. Hammer.

    Failing that new battery/PSU from the manufacturer or ebay
  5. Many thanks, will try all of the above!
  6. I have removed battery and turned on with the power lead, and it does start up. However looking at Googhle and Dell Forums, it seems to be a common problem. Is it possible that even if the AC adaptor is screwed, it would still turn the laptop on, and just not charge the battery? This seems to be the case with a lot of Dells, but having followed advice above, seems strange that the cable is working (to some degree).

    Thanks again in advance.
  7. Is the plug turned on?
  8. Likely the converter within the laptop. Dells seem really prone to this - depending on the model / Service Tag, you may be covered for a swap out if under warranty. If out of warranty, then open the laptop up and check to see if the power converter on the board (most are adjacent to the HDD) is soldered or a mechanical joint. If soldered, unlikely you'll want to solder a new one (unless you are a hard core fan of furry Ferrigan). If it's a mechanical connection, then you may be able to obtain one after a search online. Make sure that you obtain the right one for the board in question. Have fun!
  9. Dell are notorious for making batteries that last for 12-18 months. They want you to replace it at a cost of £60-120.

    Take the above advice and look on EBay - don't get ripped off by Dell products - the laptops are good and cheap but spares/replacement parts cost a fortune.