Laptop Misbehaving

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by blonde_guy, Oct 21, 2011.

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  1. Right chaps,

    Yet again I am suffering from some sort of software problems.

    After surfing, the following problems have appeared:

    - When I log on, as per normal, once my user name logs on I am faced with a black screen desktop. None of my original icons remain.

    - The My Documents, My Pictures etc. folders are all empty

    - Despite them being empty, when I go into word, excel etc I can still open my most recent documents off the ffile list, despite the folders apparently being empty.

    - The only way I can launch Internet Explorer is by going into Windows Live Messenger and going to check my Hotmail from there.

    - I was prompted a lot by a programme called Self Restore.

    Any help to restore my naughty laptop to it's original state would be much appreciated.

  2. Err, System Restore? Under System Tools.
  3. I also can't do searches on Google (it directs me to random sites) and my homepage has been set to:

  4. My start menu is totally blank....
  5. You have been somewhere naughty and have picked up something nasty.

    Does running explorer.exe from the processes box get your desktop back?

    If not I have an unhide programme somewhere, will dig out a link to it later if you need it

    Unless you have "Somehow I had un-checked the Right-Click->View->Show Desktop Icons"??.
  6. There is a System Recovery but this will erase all the programs and documents you have on the computer. When you switch the computer on, press f11 repeatedly and follow the system recovery bit. This will put it back to the factory settings, though, so it is a bit of a drastic move.
    You should first try "last known good configuration". This time, press the f8 on starting up from the Advanced Options screen. If that works then do system restore.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    You've got a backup, right?
  8. I've done a system restore and the desktop is back to normal but don't have my files back yet....

    It's also got rid of some of the folders.

    Bizarrely though I can still access files that aren't apparently there through my Recent Items & the most recent files on Word, Excel, Paint etc.
  9. Suggest you get one of these to go surfung:


    Salty water does the power of no good to a computer :wink:
  10. As this wasn't the NAAFI I didn't want to admit I had been thrapping myself into a cross eyes stupor when said infection happened.....