Laptop lifeline for wounded troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, May 23, 2006.

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    What a very excellent idea , and a morale-lifter of note.

    It's stories like these, that lift you up and restore faith that someone somewhere does give a damn about how you are and how you're feeling.

    Do we have similar initatives for our people?
  2. Jesus, that's really is a restorer of human faith!

    For some reason I cant imagine that happening over here.

    Although we do have collections etc (for the para reg bloke who got ripped off etc).

    Apart from that I don't think the majority of the British public would reach that deep into their pockets, it's the whole patriotic thing.
  3. Do our injured in Selly Oak and elsewhere have the facility to get on the net, or communicate with the outside world in this way?
  4. Apple computers have had built in voice recognition, speech and other features to aid the disabled for years; no need to buy additional software at all.

    As far as I'm aware, there's nothing like it for our people. It may be something the Not Forgotten Association may be interested in; I'll make contact and see.

    Not sure about Selly Oak, PTP, though I suspect the answer is no if they are confined to bed. RCDM actually encompasses several sites, and I doubt there's access everywhere. Also, just about every hospital now has a 'bedside robbery' system in the form of those tv/radio/phone/internet combinations that have to be fed with money, and most Trusts have contracted that no-one can use their own kit. However, as the patient isn't party to the contract it seems difficult to see how it could be enforced.
  5. Thanks Viro.

    If at all possible, it would be good to see what could be done.
  6. I suspect that even if good natured folk like us came up with the goodies (and I've got two old laptops that I don't use any more, and would happily donate if I knew they were going to right people), there would still have to be an internet connection (hopefully wireless), that the blokes in a bed could tap into. Do they exist at these places Viro?
  7. IIRC when my dad was in hospital a couple of years ago, they wouldn't let patients keep their mobiles, claiming some such nonsense as electromagnetic compatability issues- much like aircraft and petrol stations etc. . I take it that this is no longer the case?

    If any body wants details or general info, this particular charity is headquartered about a mile away from where I live. I could always drop by if someone wants more gen.
  8. I met the Zeigenfuss' a month ago. They are a wonderful couple. If there was a way for Americans to help UK troops, a lot of people here would help.
  9. Aye mobiles do bugger all, (as told by a friend who's a nurse) doctors use them in there quite a bit now.

    Someone said the actual reason for banning them from petrol stations was that it could bugger up the part which measures the fuel you've taken from the pump!

    God knows on the aircraft side.
  10. I have made some enquiries. There are plans to provide internet access for military patients at RCDM by installing a fixed computer in the military hq building - obviously only mobile patients will be able to use it. It is likely that some laptops equipped with gsm cards will be provided for those who are stuck in bed. No-one will be surprised to hear that none of this is being funded by MOD. However, the provision of a couple of laptops with voice recognition for use by those who would have problems with a conventional machine would be warmly welcomed - the welfare officer to whom I spoke could think of patients there now who could benefit. I understand that funds would be available to cover the internet access charges.

    This could probably be done quite easily, so the question is this: is this an ARRSE enterprise, or shall I contact NFA and see if they are interested?

    Of course, we should remember that RCDM isn't the only place where ill and injured squaddies could benefit from a laptop or two.