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I'm looking to buy a graphics card for my laptop in order to run BF2, but haven't got the foggiest what to look for. Does anyone have any advice as to a cheap graphics card that will fit the bill, or am I being hopeful when I say cheap?




You will find that unless you have a recently produced laptop, you will not be able to upgrade the graphics on your system. Even on laptops built recently, you would be severly restricted in what you could swap your graphics for - generally the manufacturer will only advise swapping for one they recommend due to power/heat/compatability, which will not be cheap.
However, all is not lost. At the recent CES 2007 event in USA, an external graphics card module, made by Asus was on show. It has not yet reached the shops, but this may be just what you need. Try searching on as I know they had a small feature on it during the show.
Good luck.
Cheers Winco. I'll have a gander, in the meantime I'll just kick myself for not reading the system requirements before buying the game!!!


I should have added that you should also check the RAM requirement as well. I seem to remember that BF2 is a RAM-hogger, so you will prob need 1 Gig for smoothe framerates. RAM is generally easier to upgrade, but always check with the laptop manufacturers website for recommended SODIMMs to use, then buy from Dabs or another online retailer.


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Just replaced the graphics card on my laptop - it's an Alienware Area 51M, getting on a bit now, but the ability to upgrade graphics cards is one of the reasons I bought it :)

I would have recommended Alienware - but I'm not sure now, as I think they weere taken over by Dell.


I bet that wasn't a cheap upgrade, and I'm guessing, but I reckon you know a fair bit about IS gear, so you are happy enough to tinker with a £1k laptop. Not everyone has either the expertise or the inclination :geek:


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I also have an Alienware Area 51M, its about 18 months old now, it has a Geoforce Go 6800 chip. But I do seem to remember that its was spouting about having the new graphics slot that alllowed far easier upgrade.

OS, if you dont want to post here, would be grateful if you could PM me with details of what you upgraded to and cost ect
Cheers WS, I've had a look and it seems pretty useful. It'll probably cost more than a new laptop though!

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