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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by wg100, Mar 20, 2010.

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  1. I'm heading out to a sandy place soon and am thinking of buying a laptop to take with me. I'm looking at smaller ones with 11.6 inch screens as my current laptop is a 15 inch model and a bit too heavy to lug around, along with a crappy battery life.

    I'm considering two models at the moment:
    TOSHIBA Satellite T110-107 or Dell Inspiron 11z

    TOSHIBA Satellite T110-107 - £349.99
    Only has a single core processor, but comes with 3GB of memory and an inbuilt card reader for my camera (XD card). Also has a nifty sleep and charge USB port.
    It's a refurbished model from Dixons, which I believe generally means it's been bought by someone then returned and therefore cannot be sold as new. I'm aware there could be a risk involved.

    Dell inspiron 11z - £379
    Dual core processor, but only 2GB of memory. Card reader not compatible with my memory card. No VGA port either.
    This would be brand new and I'm familiar with the Dell brand. I've read some negative reviews due to the touchpad which the initial batch came with, but I understand Dell have reverted to to the traditional touchpad after much slating.

    Any suggestions as to which model to go for, or alternatives to consider would be gratefully received.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Would you not be better taking your current one and getting a new one on your return?

  3. Would I be right in thinking that for an infanteer on Herrick there would be zero point in taking a laptop? I'm imagining a lack of power points and wifi networks in the fobs.....
  4. the Toshiba is great BUT the keyboard lettering is very dull and does not stand out in poor lighting, now this is a very minor niggle but if you are in poor lighting as I often am it gets on your tits as you cant see the letters
  5. Well yes, but I'm trying to cut down on stuff I'm taking and my current laptop is the size of a house and weighs about as much...

    Well I'm not deploying in an infantry role (at least not initally!), so I'll take my chances. Plenty of guys out there at fobs with laptops/dvd players/personal video players, etc so there must be power somewhere?
  6. Good thing I can touch type. Don't imagine I'll be writing a novel whilst I'm out there, so not too fussed.
  7. So, MSR, any recommendations for me if I'm set on getting a new laptop? You're usually pretty up to speed on the computer side of life?
  8. Tell me again about your fantastic knowledge of the Army?

    I won't hold my breath.
  9. No you wouldn't be right
    Most FOBs have some kind of power points and Nowzad had an internet connection (there may be other FOBs with internet connections as well)
  10. took my mates netbook whilst I was out in Ganners, plenty of wifi about if you find yourself in the septics FOB's.
  11. I told you he was a know-all cunt.

    msr is the man in the know. I got mine free when I went to PC World and they offered me a pink lappy and a dingle dongle, and insurance.

    I'd trash it, but it's pink, and it smells nice.
  12. You haven't said what you want it for. However, if you only want it for internet browsing and the odd Office application, I'd suggest one of these. They're quite small and extremely light, making them perfect for use on the move. I'v seen them on sale for about £120, making it a no-risk purchase for an op tour. Absolutely no muscle whatsoever though, so ultimately it depends what you want it for.
  13. I carry a Tosh NB10 around with me and that is its only fault, small, light and only weighs a kilo, but I can remember when mobile phones weighd more than that
  14. If it survives the tour then I'd probably give it to the missus to use, so it'll have Office on it and some image editing program.
    Out there it'll be used for internet browsing when able and for watching videos/DVDs (I know the two laptops I've mentioned have no Optical drive, but I will have access to a USB DVD drive) and for listening to music. Maybe the odd game too, like C&C, so nothing too graphics intensive.
    I have considered the EeePC netbooks, but the screen size is just that little bit too small for me. I reckon it'd start to annoy me after a while. My thinking was the 11.6 inch screens give a happy medium between portability and screen size.
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Given the bashing / dust it is likely to take, I would use your current one and flog it at EOT.

    How much other kit are you planning on taking?