Laptop for 400 quid

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by leveller, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. Never had a laptop before, want to dip my toe in, 400 quid. I can also dip a toe into Vista without affecting my main pc, any advice on best lappy to get, and any problems running t'internet in one house with vista & xp?

  2. have alook on the DELL website, should get a fairly decent 'core 2 duo' for that much.
  3. There's loads of decent deals at the moment, must be something to do with grotty students!

    £400 should get you something that is relatively decent.

    I have a Fujitsu Siemans and have never had a problem with it. Gets bashed around a bit too.
  4. Never buy Dell, it's cr@p stuff.
  5. ebay is good for cheap laptops too
  6. dell + poooheyshoite laptops (except d410, d510). Plastics crack and the key pads have been manufactured to the most frugal of cost.

    We purchased 2 Fujitsu amilo's last year and they are going strong. Good for home and business use.

    I can recommend this for cheep as chips for the spec.... ours are rock solid so far,35750,21850&webid=391056&affixedcode=WW

    Go in with the right attitude and the mgr will prob match a web price and sell at 399 or close. Due to ridiculous retail sales targets , Staples tend to discount more at month end! Ask if he is prepared to do armed forces / services discount. Worth asking.
  7. Sorry not armed forces, can you rent them by the hour? Thanks for the advice, will check it out.
  8. Ask nicely and some of them have half-hourly rates :)

    Go to a shop, such as PC World and see what bartering can get you.
  9. Got my son gateway MX6638 from Staples last xmas £379.
    Staples were spot on for me.
  10. I actually run my own pc repair company, I would not use Dell as they are cheap to buy but in the long run for repairs they can be a pain due to the fact they build them so you have to buy their spares and a lot of them cant be repaired by a third party like myself.

    Yes there are a lot of good deals out there, you need to think what you are going to need the lappy for if its just surfing the net and doing basic stuff then a cheapy will do. You will be best getting a dual core processor as these are the new faster type.

    Also I would never get anything form PC world as their customer service is very poor.

    Where you are saying about runninga lappy on Vista and a desktop on XP, d you want them both on the net at the same time? if so this is possible to connect at he same time.

    If you have any questions please PM me.

  11. The Dell Latitude C and D series do have issues as they are made to a budget for office use, I've worked on a few of the Dell home laptops and they seem to be made to a higher standard. The useful thing about Dell is the onsite support they offer.

    The last few laptops I've bought for people have been from PC world and all the brands on offer seem pretty good quality to be honest.

    For 400 quid I'd want dual core processor, 1GB of memory, 80GB Hard drive Minimum, WLAN, DVD writer and 15" widescreen.

    It won't play the latest games but is good for internet and Micro$oft office work.

    Remove Norton from it, install AVG and bob's your uncle....
  12. PC fcuking World.... please go and wash you mouth out with Mia maria and lucozade...... I challenge you to find the semi intelligent lucid PCW staff you see on the TV add at your local emporium. Its a challenge to get a chav mong with the ability to listen or pronounce words with more than a singe syllable to even give a rats arrse about your request for assistance. Don't even get me started on the foreign nationals and second generations non Anglo saxons who take exception to being asked to actually do some work...... naaaaaaah mate, we aint got any cos it aint out innit see!
  13. Doesn't Dell load a ton of carp as well as Norton??

    Unfortunately, most PC's nowadays come with carp already!
  14. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Just go and buy a Dell - there's a reason why every major corporation and gove office use them - they're not expensive, they do what they say on the tin and they don't fall apart.