Laptop Fecked!

Hi, Laptop had burning smell coming from it!! Unplugged and switched off. Now I find that I have burnt the motherboard. Laptop is that old anyway but is there any way I can save the hard drive to get use from it it has some sentimental stuff on it.



Yup. The HDD is often taken out from a compartment under the laptop. Should be quite straight forwards.

I'd google "how to take the HDD out of laptop xxxx"

There will be instructions, and possibly a video on youtube.


Make sure you get the right type though. You hard drive may be SATA or IDE, so check before purchasing.

Then you can just plug it into your computer or new laptop and take off what you need.
I paid £5 for a converter/PSU that converts any connection to USB. Easy.
If your laptop is fucked how are you posting here? Sentimntal stuff is porn isn't it?
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