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OK Brain picking time again. I'm looking a dj midi contoller to run through a laptop, windows pc.
Music comes off an external hard drive. I did do the external sound card (creative zen) powerd usb hub to feed them and the CPU was still running like a bastard. The laptop is an elderly beefed up Dell which has been uprated as far as it it will go. It's running vista.
The thinking is that a midi controller, especially with a soundcard would put less stress on the output of the laptop. Yes. ? No.?
Yes I've searched. Yes I've googled and no Im not interested in beats and dubs or garage (unless it's got Matchless bits in it)
As usual I don't wish to spend much money, so second hand is more than acceptable

Any bulletproof recommendations? (figuratively)


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Thank you nanotm, they are indeed, the problem is what's good and what's not.
What I'm looking for is something portable, tough and idiotproof, with a built in soundcard. If it needs external powered that's fine too.
If it's old and I can pick one up second hand even better.

These things are a complete mystery to me and thanks polar 69 I'd never even heard of this one.
personally speaking my knowledge is limited to knowing thye exist and a rough idea of how such things work, but typing the name of any product into google followed by the word reviews generally enables you to find out quite a lot about them dj mixer console for laptop: Electronics & Photo

alternativly jumping ot a vendor sight that offers reviews for items brings up other slightly higher cost options but with good /bad reviews of them so perhaps a better option


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Been all over it like a tramp on chips. According to the revioews everything is wonderful, apart from Numark which seems to get a kicking fairly regularly it looks like Traktor or Vestax.
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