Laptop/Blackberry Issues - Computer Biff needs help

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by 570mils, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. I would be grateful for any help or direction on resolving a conflict on my laptop.

    For some strange reason my Blackberry now refuses to sync with the pc, it used to quite happily.

    As far as I can tell it suggests turning off your Anti virus temporarily and then reapplying it when complete.

    Adited to add - there appears to be no way to switch off the antivirus to achieve this, and reluctant to do so for the obvious reasons.

    Issues are Vista/Office2007/AVG8.5 and Blackberry Desktop Manager 5.0..... based.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  2. For media synching have a look at doubleTwist. Can't help on the other bits and pieces I'm afraid.
  3. 1. Have you done anything significant to your machine? Installed new programs, updated the Blackberry software?

    2. Is your computer seeing your Blackberry as a USB connected device (or Bluetooth if you are connecting that way)? If it isn't disconnect, un-install the driver and reconnect.

    3. If you are happy that your machine is in much the same state as last time it worked and the connection method is working, then the problem is in the DM / Device syncing. At this point, update the AV, disconnect from the world, and do a complete AV scan and, assuming that throws no snurglies, try turning the AV off. The only thing that can give you a virus (that would be detected by your AV) is anything you deliberately connect and that will just be your Blackberry. Apologies, I neither use the evil that is Vista nor AVG, so I can't help with exactly how to turn it off.

    If you give me the precise error messages (from both the device and Desktop Manager), I have a login to the RIM support site so can check for you.
  4. May be the same for Vista, but on XP go to control panel, open security (multi coloured shield), you can switch off AV from there.

    Though you should be able to do that from AVG's control panel, but I ditched AVG a while ago, so cant remember.
  5. No significant changes at all. The Desktop Manager is the original, AVG has been running for over a year, everything else appears to be the same.

    Last sync was about two weeks ago and ran fine, tried this evening and the Blackberry just asks if I want to enter Mass Storage Mode, the laptop appears to not even realise the Phone is attached via USB, all done as normal.

    Tried the removal and reinstallation of Blackberry Software but no success. It appears that the Laptop does not want to see the Phone.

    If you try other options on the desktop manager such as Application Loader it recognises the phone due to the device Number coming up and the process works, however it will not sync and various options are not available on the sync menu, I can reconfigure the sync setup but that achieves nothing.

    Hope that is a little mor helpful and many thanks so far.

  6. Have you tried a system restore to before the problem started, this sometimes works as conflicts can arise when new updates are installed.
  7. I assume that is Blackberry SYstem restore for the phone. If so then the only option I have on the backup and restore menu is to alter the options. It will not let me open any other options.

    As for the PC system, that is geting a little beyond my skill/lack of knowledge level.

    However, I do recall that the system failed to shut down correctly about 4 days ago and restarted in safe mode. next shut down and boot up all was fine.

  8. sounds like malaware to me
  9. Seems like it could be. If you go Start/Accessories/Sytem Tools you will see system restore option. If you follow the prompts on that you should restore to a previous point in time this should take you back to where the system was before the problem started. You won't lose any files or documents buut it should sort a malware problem out.

    Once you have done that delete any email or cookies that you have clicked on or down loaded.
  10. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    have had this happen quite often - what you need to do is what is callled a "hard reset" that is while the blackberry is plugged in as if syncing and is switched on pull the battery out without first either unplugging or switching off the blackberry.

    Wait a minute or so then put the battery back in and switch on while still plugged into your puter.

    The blackberry will take about 3-4 minutes to rest itself shwoing the little hourglass icon and then will work normally.

    Sounds weird but it works.
  11. Many thanks

    Tried this option whilst the PC sorts its life out, various windows updates
    However your option has worked, many thanks.

    Being a biff though, do you know what casuses this?

  12. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Have no frigging idea but was shown to me a couple of years ago by our IT boffin - I think it just forces the unit to reset everything from scratch including the sync that might be hung up.

    It's a neat trick to know though.
  13. Yup, thats the way to do it!