Laptop Asus Notebook

Can anyone please help with this?

What is the difference between a laptop and a laptop notebook?

I'm a complete tech mong and haven't got a scoobies
Can you post the model numbers up?
I can later on this afternoon, I'll have to pop home to get them
I never thought there was a either - I always thought the words were just marketing terms just like entertainment notebook (non-tinny speakers), desktop replacement (shit battery) etc.
It may just be a size thing.. I used to have laptops when I was travelling and these normally had a 15 - 17 inch screen with a CD drive... a conventional laptop if you will. However I found that after a while these could prove to be rather cumbersome.

So, I now have a Netbook which is the same as a laptop but with a 10 inch screen and no CD drive. Much lighter and easier to transport around. All the software I need is either pre-loaded or downloadable via the 'Net.
Whether this answers your question Im not sure but I rate the small Netbook that I have.
That would be ideal then. We got the net book with a phone today. The missus can have that and I'll have the old laptop for visiting dusty places.

Thanks very much for all the info. It really is appreciated
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