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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by heidisausage, Dec 29, 2007.

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  1. Just looking for a bit of help here.

    I'm looking for a laptop and have a budget of £500. I'll be using it for ppt presentations and normal day to day usage, as well as watching dvd's, listening to music etc. It would also be useful if it was wi-fi enabled for mobile internet use. I think that I would prefer Microsoft XP or something similar rather than Vista, at the moment.

    I've had a look at the Dell website and can get what I want for about £450. I wouldn't have the knowledge to specify the components necessary to have a custom build.

    Any ideas would be greatly received.
  2. PC World, Toshiha £399.
  3. I would recommend Dell as they do forces discount. I have found that the customer services at PC World are crap.
  4. How do you get forces discount from Dell? Do you have to phone them because i can't find anything about it online.
  5. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    There is sod all profit in hardware these days so Dell don't do any. Even employees only get a small discount.

    I've used Dells for the past 8 years with no issues. Equally the Toshiba's are ok.

    In general go for the most you can afford, as laptops are difficult to upgrade. PC World, I have to say, offer poor service, Dell will give you lifetime support, and 1 year RTB warranty.
  6. My only reservation with Dell laptops are battery issues. After 13 months the battery on my Inspiron died, despite daily charging and discharging. Apparently this is a very common problem. Dell only sell an expensive, extended battery as a replacement and there are no generics available either.

    But if going for a Dell it is worth ordering by phone rather than online as they seem to be able to do better deals over the phone, especially if you don't want all the bundled software.
  7. i've got a number of PCs and laptops at home....and am fast becoming a geek...

    my advice is this,

    firstly decide exactly what you want your machine to do....often people over spec their machines when all they want is MS office applications, decent web-browsing and media storage / playback.

    i would avoid dell ( i have dealt with them in the past and their customer service is definately on the decline) however, if you are at a BFPO they will do VAT off without a drama.

    PC world are great if you want a printer cartridge or a cable...their technical knowledge is very poor and customer service is ropey when it comes to technical issues....

    if this will be your new and only computer i would seriously recommend going down the mac quality is awesome, and mac have seriously mastered media storage and playback....

    i would also invest in a decent portable external hard drive (min120Gb) and avoid using lappy for huge data storage, thereby allowing it to concentrate on computing....

    finally...if you go down the PC route get used to vista, XP is on its way out....once you get used to vista you won't go back
  8. Just come back from Tesco and bought a Acer aspire With Pentium dual core processor, 2Gb RAM , 120Gb Hard drive for £399 . Bit of a bargain i reakon.
  9. But a bottom end Macbook is still £559, even with forces discount and ex-VAT (and I don't know if they do ex-VAT to BFPO). £657 inc VAT. It may be a little rich for heidisausage - but it is still a damn good punt - Keynote really kicks for presentations, much much better than powerpoint ...
  10. Was it Vista or XP?
  11. Vista home premium..
  12. God help you if you have to send it for repair, if DHL are the carrier!

    It took them three weeks before Christmas to find it and no so much as a sorry!

    I informed the repair agent, "Perhaps it's in the same place as all the government disc's that have gone missing!